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18 Feb 2016
Curious situation at Deportivo with the four goalkeepers at the first team ending their links in June. If one week ago Lux seemed close to renew and Fabricio close to leave, but the situation could be the opposite.

The four goalkeepers at Depor’s first team are ending their links in June. German Lux and Fabricio Agosto have renewal offers over the desk and the intention of the club is clear: at least one of them should stay. For weeks it was believes that the Argentinean was the one closer to renew, but the news on Wednesday are changing that perspective.

Meanwhile, Manu Fernández and Stipe Pletikosa joined the club as coach Víctor Sánchez wanted to have a third keeper for the away meetings. The club won’t make an effort to keep them, though it’s possible to see one of them renewing. The following is a summary of the situation of these four goalies:

For months it was believed that Fabricio Agosto was on his way to Turkey, but the last report from the media in A Coruña is that the Canarian goalkeeper is now set to renew his contract with Deportivo, though the final decision will be made until July. Since the end of last season the club has been negotiating and it was impossible to reach an agreement despite the keeper suffered a knee injury at the beginning of the campaign that has kept him at bay until now.

At the end of 2015 it was commented that the Canarian had reached an agreement Beşiktaş JK, this after been recommended by ex-Depor goalkeeper’s trainer Jose Sambade. However, the situation wasn’t clear, especially after Fabricio needed a surgery to correct his knee problem, situation that will keep him out of action until June.

At the end of January, president Tino Fernández talked of the subject when he was presenting the renewal of coach Víctor, ”In the case of Fabricio, he has the same offer. I was clear before that we feel free to sign another keeper and he is free to sign for another club, but until this happens, both paths can cross again. The offer remains there.”

On Wednesday, newspaper La Opinión A Coruña reported a conversation that they had with both sides, Beşiktaş JK and the environment of the player, and according to them Fabricio is now closer to renew for Deportivo.

In the conversation with an unnamed source of Beşiktaş they reported this response: ”It’s possible that we had reached an agreement, but nothing is signed. There was a high interest by our side, but once he got injured the relation got cold.”

Meanwhile, the source talked with the environment of the player and, once again without citing names, the paper assured that the Canarian goalkeeper has changed his mind and is more interested in staying in A Coruña, but that the main goal for now is to be recovered by July, at that point he will make a final decision about his future.


It was the opposite case to Fabricio. The Argentine and the club have stated before that the option number one was to renew the contract. Tino Fernández even assured that it was a matter of time, as he stated in the press conference at the end of January, ”The interest in German [Lux] is at 100% and hopefully, soon, we could announce his continuity. There are some variants and something is missing, but I have the same feeling than with Víctor: he wants to stay and we want him to stay, and the normal thing in this case is to reach an agreement. In my opinion there will be an agreement.”

But on Wednesday Sportpaper Marca reported that River Plate wants him to return to Argentina, while an unnamed team in Spain and another one in Calcio were tracking the goalkeeper. In the case of River Plate, the source talked with an official of the club and he stated that, ”There’s interest and a chance for German Lux, he knows this club and that’s important.”

Lux has stated before that he would love to retire in Argentina, though in his last press conference (last week), he wanted to avoid the issue, ”It is a subject for my agent and the club. I am waiting to see what happens and for now the only thing I want is to play as I have been doing so far. I neither can lie that when you are playing and things are fine then you have more opportunities, but it is like this.”

Depor would only renew one of them and even there’s the chance that both could leave during the summer. Manu failed in the game against Rayo Vallecano and the fans don’t like him, while Pletikosa was lacking match fitness and had overweight problems at the moment of joining the club, it’s very probable that he won’t have the chance to debut.




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