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26 Feb 2016
New problem with Luisinho, the left-back isnít happy with the minutes that he is having despite been the 13th man with more minutes in liga. He didnít like to see Laure playing before him in the game with RCD Espanyol.

Luisinho is again on the spotlight for his declarations to Radio Cadena Cope. The Portuguese was a starter for the last time against Real Sociedad (January 16), and in the following five games he was a replacement performing between 20 and 30 minutes per match. Despite losing a spot lately, he remains as the 13th man with more minutes for Depor (755).

But this isnít enough for him, and stroke that broke the camel occurred on Saturday after coach VŪctor SŠnchez preferred to use Laure to replace the spot of Navarro at the left side of the defence during the visit to RCD Espanyol. The ex-Sevilla was moved to the centre of the defence and the coach, instead of calling a left-footed player, chose a right-back.

On Wednesdayís noon Luisinho was showing his disappointment in an interview at Radio Cadena Cope, "When the coach puts a right-back at the left it isn't normal. I don't get it. I respect it, but don't understand it. If I am not playing, what I'm doing on here? I cannot be like this for too long, because I don't feel comfortable. Any player will feel disappointed. I train in order to play and it isnít normal when he puts a right-back on the left. The coach is here in order to train and should put the best. He made the decision and I respect it, but donít share it.Ē

Apart from the substitution against Espanyol, the outspoken player is also feeling discouraged for been used as a winger instead of a full-back, ďMu position is side defender and I talked to him [VŪctor] about it. I feel more comfortable there and even had the target of playing for the national team there, but if he doesnít see me for that positon then it isnít my problem. They say that I can also play in offensive positons, which is true and I like it, but where I feel more comfortable is at the back.Ē He told to Cope.

He was even talking of leaving the club during the summer, ďIf the coach doesnít count with me and I am not playing, what Iím doing on here? I love Deportivo and I demonstrate it. I came when there was no money and we were at Segunda and renewed even with the team close to relegation. I proved that I like to be here, but Iím playing too little and everyone can see it.Ē

ďI want to play because Iím competitive. Iím sad if Iím no playing. If I cannot do it on here then nothing happens, but will have to search for a solution. I cannot be like this for too long, because I donít feel comfortable. I havenít spoken to anyone, because la liga isnít over and it isnít ethical, it would be a lack of respect to my partners. We will make a balance at the end, right now it isnít right.Ē He added.

Throughout the season there have been confrontations between Luisinho and the rest of the team, not only with the coaching staff but with the players too. In the fight with Arribas the rest of the team supported the centre-back and even wrote a letter criticizing Luisinho. At the end of the year there was another fight inside the changing room and the player was left out of the rosters during a couple of weeks, but suddenly he returned and was playing in a normal basis. 




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