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05 Mar 2016
Depor’s coach remains positive despite the recent results, while he warns that the team must avoid the desperation. Malaga’s boss was highlighting the presence of Lucas.

Javier Gracia Carlos is a former player that’s trying to earn a name at the elite of Spanish football. He began his phase as a coach in 2006 after a career of 430 games between Primera and Segunda in clubs like Real Sociedad and Villarreal CF.

Among the clubs that he coached were Pontevedra CF and Cádiz CF, but it was at UD Almeria were he shone after clinching the promotion to Primera during the campaign 2012/13. He didn’t continue as his contract wasn’t renewed, but was hired by CA Osasuna. The Navarran man missed to clinch the permanence with the club from his hometown and landed on last season at Malaga CF, now he is considered as one of the must promising coaches in Spain.

This is his third confrontation with Víctor Sánchez del Amo, the first was the 1-1 draw at La Rosaleda at the end of the past liga tournament, and the second was also played in that stadium with a 2-0 outcome at the beginning of this campaign.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for only seven minutes and spent all the time defending the positive view that he has despite the most recent results. He started talking of Málaga CF, “It is a team with numbers that say it all: A solid and organized team that only allow a few chances and allow concede a few goals. It’s an issue to have in mind. They have important casualties, but have enough players to face the game. I would highlight that it is a team with a strong defence as it only allow a few goals; it will require patience from us. We need to have patience and not been hurried. We need to be careful, because the anxiety can lead you to desperation as it happened against Granada. If you fell into desperation since minute one then it isn’t right, you need to win in 90 minutes. We cannot be thinking that we lost the last three games.”

The coach insisted that they see things in a positive way despite the recent results, “We are optimistic and face the situation with a positive view. Now we face one of the toughest situations that we have lived, this for the streak that we are living with three straight defeats, but for us it’s a challenge and we are thinking of how to go out for it. We search for the solutions and always think that, in the next game, we will find the success to achieve the victory. We are coming from our worst game, but also to realize that a lot of things were gathering, like the fact that we were under our normal performance, while the rival, already superior, was at a very good level.”

The Madrilenian man was asked about the positive attitude of the players before the bad results, “We know that our lane of work is the argument that will lead us to the results, and now it will allow us to leave the current situation. This situation is lived by all the clubs at Primera and Segunda División. Even the giant ones live situations like this, and what are we going to do? To attack our own house been destructive and negative? You know that we are positive and try to focus on the game, so we are convinced that we are going to recover in the next game.”

Víctor ended defending his previous speech when he affirmed that the team is growing, “The analysis based on results is too short. You need a deeper analysis taking in mind what we propose and how we attack. We are a team under construction since the start of the season. We understand that the team needs to be built up from the defence and from there to grow in terms of more organized attacks, and we are presenting a more organized attack and it can be noticed.  From January we are seeing the stat and are having a better possession than the rival and that’s a good evolution. “

Malaga’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon, he was talking of Deportivo, “They are a team who plays well, taking the initiative in the game and are well-organised. They pile the pressure on and have variety in set-pieces.  They have enough resources and players such as Lucas upfront, something that highlights the team’s dynamic during this good season they’ve been having.”

The Navarran man is conscious that his team hasn’t achieved good results recently despite playing good football, “We need points and must keep achieving good results, but results don’t come on their own.  They are a consequence of doing things right, as well as performing and competing well in matches.  However, we haven’t secured good results in recent games, even when at times we’ve deserved to.  We’ll continue doing things correctly, so we could start achieving these results as soon as possible.”

He is completing 100 presentations as a coach in la liga, he talked about it, “I consider it a little anecdotal.  I’ve reached a number of matches at the elite, I’m happy to be a coach in this league, certainly it isn’t easy, and I try to improve every day.  I hope I can enjoy many more games, and many more with this club.”

Gracia is suspended and won’t be on the bench for the game; he commented that, “I’ll be limited to where they’ll permit me to go, but due to the regulations I don’t know where I’ll be able to watch the game.  However, no matter where I am, I’m leaving the team in the good hands of ‘Gato’ [Romero] on the bench, without any problems to develop the game as we planned.”



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