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10 Mar 2016
Not good expectations for the visit to Atlético, but Pedro Mosquera is optimistic and believes that Depor can make a good game at the Calderón, but before it needs to correct the mistakes that have been penalizing the team.

Pedro Mosquera addressed the media on Wednesday, without deep explanations to the current crisis, he was optimistic about the visit to Atlético Madrid. He started talking of the current winless streak at Depor, “Clearly the results haven’t been what we expected. I lived before these streaks at Getafe and last year [at Elche]. We need to remain calm, knowing that we have a good difference, but also knowing that we need to start adding as the teams behind us are approaching.”

Asked about the key to break the current streak, the A Coruña-born player said that, “I believe we need to correct the mistakes that are penalizing us. The other day we allowed three goals in set-pieces and without it we would have done a good game. If we fix those errors then I believe we can improve a lot.”

He was denying the idea that Depor should forget about this game and instead prepare toe home clash with Levante UD, “All the games are important. If in the first round we were saying that we were able to compete against anyone, then in the second round the attitude should be the same. I believe we can compete against anyone. We will try to make a good game against Atletico Madrid and add.”

“The coach is working in the best possible way in order to defend against Atlético Madrid, to not leave spaces and thus we can get a positive result, to not allow goals and get points. In the first round we were locked in the first half and in the second we came back and this game could be pretty too. I believe we can make something good there.” He added.

Mosquera also denied that Depor will play carefully due to the fact that four players are at the edge of suspension (Juanfran, Lopo, Luisinho and Navarro), “It’s not the first time we play with players at the edge of suspension, it isn’t the first time we play with injured players; actually in the second round we have had important casualties and we have good replacements. The coach knows what’s better for the team and he will decide. If we face Atlético Madrid already thinking of the next game then we will surely suffer a result hard to digest. I have a high morale and am convinced we can do a nice game there.”

Asked about the reasons why Depor are living this bad streak, he only said that, “I believe that, maybe, in the first round we were more effective, and with a favourable score we were able to defend the results, but on this year we dropped four points at home that would mean the salvation, and we have missed that aim and luck at both areas, which is the difference between been totally calm and to be forced to fight a little more.”

Then the midfielder was asked how does he sees himself after been a starter all season long, “Clearly I have played a lot of games, but I feel better as I play more. I am fine physically, truly I wasn’t fine against Rayo, but there were other games as like against Valencia and Espanyol in which we didn’t win and, for me, I made a good game, but people didn’t emphasize anyone in particular. We must remain calm and continue working.”

A journalist asked how they pretend to stop the strong game of Atletico in set-piece after conceding three goals in this kinds of plays during the past match, “Against Athletic, team that’s also good in set-pieces, they didn’t score against us in that way, and the other day the three chances they had were set-pieces and all of them were goals. We hope that we have allowed all the goals of the season in set-pieces.”

Finally, Mosquera was responded to an inquiry about the 7-point difference with relegation and the feelings of the team about it, “We are in a good situation, but it could be better. We have dropped points at home, but cannot complain about it. We need to win again at home and I believe that against Levante is going to be a good chance, but before we are thinking of Atlético Madrid. “ 




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