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14 Mar 2016
Defeat for Fabril at Abegondo after having the advantage at the middle of the first part, two distractions cost three valuable points after making a decent game at the beginning of the second part.

The problems in defence continued for coach Manu Mosquera; centre-back Róber was finally available, but was picked by the first team, Iago López was out with a shoulder problem. So, there were no natural centre-backs available for the game. Blas, Pancho Cotos, Ángel and Bamba. were also out injured.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1, Anxo Pérez was the keeper, Ben Fisk was playing at the right side in defense, Lucas Viña performed on the left, the improvised centre-backs were Santi Taboada and Sam Piette. Edu Expósito and Pol Calvet were the centre midfielders, Álex Corredera returned to the starting eleven and the Catalan was attacking from the right wing, Óscar García did it from the left, Hugo Rama was the playmaker and Otero was the centre forward.

Tbe rival was CD Barco, one of the surprises on the season, the team coached by Javi Rey is a newcomer, but was only points behind Depor B in the quest for promotion. Veterans David Mitogo and Javier Recamán led the offensive efforts.

Fabril paid a high price for its errors, it didn’t deserve to lose, but lost three key points in the quest for promotion before a direct and wilful rival that seized two errors to surprise a team that didn’t find the way to react to the adversity.

The game was open since the kick-off, both sides were trying to attack and dominate the rival, but there were no clear chances within the first ten minutes. Fabril were insisting on the right flank through Corredera and the aids of Fisk.

The first attempt for the locals came at minute 9, Edu Expósito picked the ball at the edge of the area and released a strong shot that was blocked by a defender, the visitors responded three minutes later with an individual move made by Corzo on the left wing, but his cross went out when he was going to face Anxo one-on-one.

Javi Recamán had the first clear chance in the game, the attacker of CD Barco took a lateral free-kick at the left wing and was about to surprise Anxo with a high volley that Fabril’s goalie cleared over the crossbar (23’). 31-year-old Recamán, who is a former player of Juvenil A, was a real nightmare for Fabril in the whole game.

The match continued to be pretty equal, but was missing scoring chances. However, things heated up in a couple of minutes. First Fabril scored in a play that was highly protested by CD Barco. Lucas Viña picked the ball at the left wing, he jumped for it and a rival, despite there was no contact, fell down, the left-back didn’t stop and entered the area to assist Óscar García, who scored with a strong and accurate shot from inside the area. This is the 15th goal on the season for Pinchi

But the advantage only lasted a couple of minutes, because the visiting team earned a penalty. Curiously it was a very similar action to Fabril’s goal, because Sam Piette tried to block Adri to run into the box after a high cross coming from the left and in the process he hit him in the face, this time the referee -a female- whistled the foul, which meant a penalty. Recamán equalized the game firing from the spot sending Anxo on the wrong way.

Barco looked better after the equalizer and Recamán was close to score again with a volley that passed close to the crossbar (37’). They also had other two approximations without consequences, mainly because Piette, despite committing a clear penalty, was playing a solid game at defence.

 The second half started with Depor B been the best team, Corredera was close to score with a low shot that missed the target (48’) and the locals continued pushing until scoring the second goal. It came in a counterattack in which Otero found the ball inside the area and his attempt between two rivals hit a defender and went in.

The same Otero was close to score the third with a header that missed the target after collecting a high cross from the left, but the Colombian missed the target (53’). It seemed that things were under control, but as it happened in the first half everything changed quickly. And it was also a repetition of what happened in the first round game, opportunity in which Fabril wasted a 2-4 advantage to end drawing 4-4. This time it allowed two goals to end losing 2-3.

First Adi was close to score after collecting a cross from the left that was saved by Anxo, and then they equalized capitalizing a fast counterattack in which Rodri collected the ball and eluded Piette and Anxo to score through a drilling attempt.

And just when the locals were trying to react, the visitors find the third goal Viña failed to clear the ball in a throw-in, his high volley ended in the boots of David Álvarez, who released a curved volley from the edge of the area to unleash the party among the around 200 Barco’s fans that travelled for the match.

Depor B pushed and had a couple of chances in which no one was able to push the ball inside the area, but in a general sense the team was already dead after allowing the third goal. Manu Mosquera tried to react with the entry of Manu Silva, Jorge and Borja Domingo, but the true is that they weren’t the revulsive that the team needed.

Ups and downs at Abegondo, Fabril lost for the second time at home after having things under control by minute 50.  Corredera and Otero were the best players in attack and Piette was the best in defence. Colombian Otero could have scored the third goal (53’) and then the visiting team capitalized two errors to claim the victory before a rival that didn’t find the way to respond. Depor B remain in the promotion zone, though only by the goal difference rule. The next game is the visit to relegation-troubled Ribadumia CF

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Anxo – Fisk (Borja Domingo 88’), Taboada, Piette, Viña (Jorge Fernández 80’) – Edu Expósito, Calvet – Corredera, Hugo Rama (Manu Silva 68’), Óscar – Otero.
Barco: (4-4-2) Macía - Rubén Arce, Omar Navarro, Corzo, Álex Román (Rubén García 59’) – Recamán, Adil, Borja, Tato (David Álvarez 55’) - Mitogo (Carlos 75’), Rodri Alonso
Goals: 1-0: (29’) Óscar, 1-1: (32’) Recamán (penalty), 2-1: (52’) Otero, 2-2: (60’) Rodri, 2-3: (70’) David Álvarez
Referee: Zulema González. She showed yellow card to Ben Fisk (23’), Sam Piette (31’), Adil (54’) & Calvet (81’)





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