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17 Mar 2016
Tino Fernández presented on Wednesday the project of the Deportivo women’s team. It is born from an association with Orzán SD, one of the two A Coruña teams currently competing at Segunda División.

One of the promises of president Tino Fernández was to launch a female section of football and one year later after landing at the office he is presenting the project. On Wednesday the president, his board of directors and Juan Manuel Eiras were giving the details in a press conference held at Abegondo.

Eiras is the president of Orzán SD, one of the two clubs based in A Coruña that are currently competing in the Women Second División. What Deportivo is doing is to sign a three-year collaboration with Orzán SD, with this deal Depor will get their A and B teams, plus their collaboration in technical issues and scouting of players as the idea is to develop youth teams in the future.

In this way Depor Ladies will start to compete at Segunda División on next season with the current A squad of Orzán, while the B squad will be competing at Primera División Gallega. It hasn’t been decided if the current coaches, Diego Fernández and Luis Iglesias, will stay at their jobs and neither the players that will compose the teams; actually it isn’t even decided if the teams will be playing their official games at Abegondo.

Tino Fernández talked during the presentation of the project, “This idea is gathering the hierarchy of a pretty history with Karbo. The plan is that ´professional football can add the female section. We are making this step as we want to see female football joining the professional leagues. We perceive in the city of A Coruña the hope to launch this model. We are signing a collaboration deal with Orzán. They showed their disposition since day one. “

The president is hoping that the teams will receive the support from the public, “I’m sure that since this stage female football will be bigger, also that we will be able to see more players and more teams. We are not competing against anyone; we are only filling a spot that was there: a place where the lads want to arrive. I’m sure we are happy now, but need support and resources. I hope this won’t be only a vogue and that we will support the girls as we support the boys”

Meanwhile Eiras was saying that this is the thing that A Coruña football was missing, “This is the link that we were missing. For the girls it will great to compete taking advantage of Deportivo’s resources. I believe this is an important step for female football. We will work to build up two teams coming up from the bottom.”

Orzán SD is currently sixth at Segunda División, far from leaders El Olivo (24 points), but also it already secured the permanence as 18 points are separating them from Tordoia with six matchdays to be played. This deal doesn’t mean that they will disappear, what will happen is that they will start a new team at the lowest league possible, Segunda División Gallega, and from there they will start the promotion process, so eventually this new team can end competing against Depor’s Ladies. Orzán SD will get a monetary compensation –not specified yet- and access to Depor’s resources, like the sporting city in Abegondo.

The LFP has been planning a women tournament organized by them and Deportivo are planning to take part of it, though this initiative seems far to be completed, so in the meantime Depor’s Ladies will be playing at Segunda starting on next season.  This is the second female project of Deportivo after Karbo, team that existed in the 1980’s. 




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