18 Mar 2016
Juanfran Moreno conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the right-back admits that the team is starting to feel the psychological consequences of not winning in 2016, but also believes that Depor have the level to aspire for better goals.

Q: Ready to repeat the goal of last season on Saturday?
A: God hear you.

Q: Same opponent, same streak...
A: The streak is the same, but the Levanteís squad coming is different. It has been reinforced very well and have players that can hurt us if we are not focused to the maximum for 90 minutes. There are no longer valid excuses, because people will come to fill the stadium and to tighten and we have to offer a victory to them and to us. This lousy streak, which is very hard, can change, we can see ourselves with 36 points with eight matchdays remaining. We have to go to death.

Q: Did you see the Levante-Valencia?
A: No. I like to watch a lot of football, but didnít see that one because I was saturated. This streak is becoming very hard psychologically. The day of Malaga I had a very bad day, I went home really screwed. And also after the game against Atletico. I decided to disconnect from football until the end of Sunday. I saw the game of Las Palmas, and better not to see it because I would have suffered a lot.

Q: Do you also suffered for Madrid?
A: I only watched that match for us. The fact of been a youth player from Madrid is far away, even if I have friends there. The streak of Las Palmas was very good and if they would have added a point it would have been another complication.

Q: The match against Atletico wasnít from "our league," neither Athletic. What happened to the Depor that tied at the Camp Nou?
A: In the end, when you see you are staying winless for so long, with relegation approaching and the European places moving away, you realize that hopes were too big, but although a rival isnít from our league it cannot be an excuse. We have to compete against all teams, even that it isnít the same to lose at the Calderon than at Cornella, against a rival with which you must compete one-on-one. And now we will need to add against top teams, this streak requires us to add points against top-level teams.

Q: Has the current situation made you lose faith in the project at some point? Has the relation with the coach suffered a decline?
A: Outside home thereís one Depor and another at home, that seems clear. But I donít think we've left points for errors in the project, but by occasional failures, errors in defence and in attack. The daily work is very good, very strong, and we prepare the games really good. The day of Malaga the game escaped from us in set-pieces and was something that had been pounding during that week. Then came those occasional errors defending, but not because we were caught by surprise. If the coach has something is that we always prepare the games; this year we havenít been surprised by any team, we've always entered the field knowing what would be the intention, how they were going to play.

Q: So? Wasnít the level of the squad what it seemed?
A: We are not lacking level. We have 33 points and this is not a race to sprint. Of course we all were excited with the first round, but I repeat that in the second we have made great games at home. The game on this weekend is very important and I think everybody has noticed it. By winning the ghosts will disappear, we would leave Levante twelve points away, and we get into an interesting train. The next day would be against the seventh place and, why not. For us, everything can change in a game.

Q: Are you missing Sidnei?
A: But how we are not going to miss him? He, Mosquera and Lucas are our backbone. They are players who are above the level of the rest of the squad. Although the absence of Sidnei cannot be an excuse, because he was still in when we started the losing streak.

Q: In the defensive side, you seem to have improved this season. How do you valorise your season in an individual level?
A: In a personal level, and I not only talk about my role, I'm happy because I've grown a lot defensively. And that recognizing that the day of Granada I made an important error with the penalty. I failed and those are the things that are killing us. I also say that it is much easier to play in this Depor than in the one of last year. We work very well during the week. But I will be happy only when we clinch the permanence.

Q: Your involvement with the club also reaches the academy. It is common to see you in the games of Fabril and spend a lot of time with the younger teams.
A: It's that, when you're are a canterano, you realize how difficult it is to reach the first team without anyone to help you. In my case there has always been a player over me. Also, if you see players with future you try to help them; the sooner they arrive, the better. This year it happened to me with Saul or Cardoso, with whom I have a great friendship. And there he is, in a splendid level at Tenerife. I would like to be in a quiet situation, without walking on loan, to also work with teams of kids like when I was in Castilla.

Q: Can this tranquillity that you are demanding arrive in A CoruŮa?
A: Richard Barral spoke out of my contract situation, which is very complicated. Mine is very difficult and we donít really know where it's going to be fixed. When we achieve the permanence we must speak more carefully, but the willingness to continue will be absolute.

Q: Last summer it was also said that you wouldnít return here.
A: Fair. It was also very complicated and look. So I'd rather prefer not to say yes, so the person that owes my rights will not be angry and I neither would lie to myself. In the end you can achieve anything.




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