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23 Mar 2016
Luisinho hinted that he wants to leave the club as he isn’t playing; he said to not have a problem with the coach, but doesn’t feel right after bene lacking of opportunities on this season.

Left-back Luisinho isn’t happy with his 18 appearances on the season (1,025 minutes, 10 games as a starter). The Portuguese, who has been used as a winger too, assured that he isn’t feeling comfortable with his situation at the club.

On Tuesday he conceded a press conference after the training session and started talking of the relief after the victory over Levante UD, “We were expecting for this victory. It was a victory that we were waiting since a long time ago. It didn’t want to arrive, but with this effort against Levante it finally arrived. A lot of things happened, injuries and bad luck. It seemed that the ball didn’t want to enter, but with this victory we will face the next games with another morale and a different confidence.”

About the derby with RC Celta, the comment was, “Everyone wants to play a derby and achieve the three points. The game with Celta is special and we will prepare it in the best possible way. They are fine and it will be a difficult game. Despite they are above us it is going to be a very equal game. The side with a colder mind is going to win it.”

Then Luisinho started to explain his feelings for his situation at the team. The left-back started explaining that he doesn’t feel fine because he isn’t playing as often as he wants, “My goal is always to play the biggest number of games. I know it wasn’t possible for the players we have at the squad. I work for it and it later depends on the coach.”

“I always say that I am a very competitive player that likes to play, and surely, if you aren’t playing, what will you be doing here? It isn’t enough by only been paid. If I only wanted to be paid then I would have stayed at Benfica, over there I was always paid on the last day of the month and it wasn’t enough to me.  I want to play and I always played at Deportivo, but this year things aren’t as I expected. And if I don’t play then at the end of the season we will have to search for a solution for both, the club and for me.” He added.

Asked if there’s a problem with the coach, the response was, “It has nothing to do with the coach and neither the president. It’s only that I cannot be content if I don’t play. It’s normal to think like this as I want to play. I know we have a good squad, but surely we will have to search for a solution as I want to play. I am a normal player that always want to play. I won’t talk more about it as we still have to secure the future of Deportivo.”

“I don’t have any problem with Víctor and neither with someone else, but if someone asks me, I am not content. It’s very clear, but I’m a professional and must work in order to help. The coach decides who’s better to play, the coach believes I am not the better to play and I must respect the decision. If I am not content, then I will have to talk to the president and nothing more.” He added.

Finally, Luisinho didn’t want to say that he already made a decision about leaving, because the permanence isn’t secured yet, “My idea is clear and don’t want to talk about the subject. The most important thing now is to see Deportivo staying at Primera. It deserves it for the fans and its history, so I hope Depor will clinch the permanence and I’m convinced we will do it. Later, with the end of la liga, we will review my continuity. There are more important things now.”



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