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30 Mar 2016
Lucas Pérez conceded an interview to Sportpaper Marca; the Galician attacker talked of the current moment of Deportivo and the status of the team ahead of the derby at Balaídos.

Q: Was to defeat Levante the first stone to succeed in the derby?
A: Clearly, when you come from a victory it is important for the morale after many games without doing it. In addition, we increased the distance with the relegation zone.

Q: How do you explain the streak of thirteen games without a win?
A: The streak can be explained in some facts: there are games that escape at the last second or days like the one of Rayo or Betis, when the ball didn’t want to go in. Thus is difficult to win. We have a large mattress and now we have eight points above relegation. That’s important.

Q: Did you notice nerves in the squad?
A: No, not nerves. We were a little crestfallen, because we understood that we were working pretty well, we played well and we were planning the games, but we didn’t manage to win. But we were calm because we knew that victory would come if we continued in that line.

Q: Do you see yourself already saved?
 A: Not until the standings say so. Eibar also seemed saved on last year and look what happened. It must never be trusted until the mathematics say you're saved. But I am sure we will succeed.

Q: Is the icing of the season to win in Balaídos?
 A: The icing is to be saved, but it’s a plus to win in Balaídos, both for the fans and for us. It's an extra motivation.

Q: How are you approaching the derby?
A: It will be the first time I play at Balaidos. For me it is a great joy. Obviously, I don’t expect the best reception in the world, but it is logical that any A Coruña-born player likes to play and win there.

Q: You are deportivista and a Coruña-born player, is the day you dreamed?
A: Yes, it is the dreamed game since childhood. Last year I couldn’t be there due to injury and we lost missing a penalty at the 90’. On a personal level, surely it will be very nice.

Q: 0-1 with a goal from Lucas. How do you see it?
A: I sign to win, but if I score on a personal level it would be a nice memory for me and my family. It would be a goal that I would keep with hope.

Q: Do you have many ticket requests from your friends and family for the derby?
 A: For now, a few [he laughs]. But still I don’t know how many I will have.

Q: How do you analyse Celta?
A: I see that Celta are very well. They are doing a great year and have good players, but in the first round they also came from a good run and we won. In a derby you cannot look at the standings. It’s a different game from the rest.

Q: They are fighting for Europe and play at home. Do you think they are favourites?
 A: I think there are no favourites in the derbies. In these games there are always nerves, the hope of the fans... By the standings, Celta are better than us, but after it everything is equal.

Q: If you could, what player would you remove from Celta?
 A: The players I like the most are Aspas, Orellana and Nolito. And now Guidetti is fine. The top players are all very good, but if you remove one then another one will do it well.

Q: Two Galicians, Aspas and you, as symbols of Celta and Depor...
 A: That's very nice because we are all Galicians, although we defend a lot the colours of our city and our team.

Q: Depor’s fans will be at the stands supporting the team. What does it mean for the group to see them in every field you go?
A: It's nice. When the fans do so many kilometres it's an encouragement. It’s a motivation. Surely they will enjoy a lot.

Q: Is this the last derby of Lucas Pérez?
 A: I don’t know. I hope not, but you never know.

How do you see your future?
A: I have said it several times: the need for stabilizing the club economically will be a great influence. If tomorrow someone come and pays 20 million euros, then the club and the fans will get me into a package and will send me away, because it’s a lot of money for Deportivo. It’s important to heal the club.




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