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05 Apr 2016
Good point visiting a direct rival for the promotion spots, though it left the feeling that Depor B missed a good opportunity to climb one position. There were clear scoring chances and also three red cards.

The draw was a 4-3-3, Anxo Pérez was the keeper, Blas Alonso was playing at the right side in defense, Jorge Fernández performed on the left, the centre-backs were Manú Silva and Quique Fornos. Edu Expósito, Hugo Rama and Piette were the centre midfielders, Pol Calvet was the right winger, Óscar García attacked from the left, and Juan Otero was the centre forward.

The rival was CD Choco; the team coached by David Miguez is repeating the good work of last season and is currently third at the standings, only three points above Depor B, so this was a battle for the third spot. The main characteristic of this team is the combination Hugo Sanmartín-Diego Silva, striking duo that combined has scored 35 goals, the highest number in the league.

Truly CD Choco is a tough opponent playing at the Santa Mariña field, after all they had only lost once at home on this season, so Fabril should feel content with a point, but truly Depor’s lads had enough chances to secure the victory and claim the third position at the standings, so they can also feel disappointed.

And that taking in mind that things started twisted as Hugo Sanmartín only needed three minutes to score for CD Choco after seizing an error through a low shot pastAnxo. that error was committed by Manú Silva, who missed to head properly a long clearance by Choco’s goalie. The improvised centre-back had a terrible game, giving a feeling of doubt at the back zone and crowned with his expulsion at the middle of the second part.

Fabril responded to the blow and claimed the dominion of the actions, Hugo Rama, Otero and Pol Calvet were pretty active and in a matter of ten minutes the visitors had three chances to score, two of them on the boots of Óscar and both saved by local goalie David Cortegoso.

Choco were looking dangerous too, mainly for the errors committed at defence, at minute 29 Diego Silva was close to score after an error between Blas and Manú Silva, Anxo prevented the goal with a big save. Then Mosquera had to make the first substitution as left-back Jorge Fernández picked an injury, Lucas Viña replaced him.

The visiting team lost impulse at the end of the first part and Anxo had to make another important save before Silva and then the attacker was sent off for committing two fouls in a matter of five minutes, the second was committed over Óscar.

Deportivo B seized the numeric advantage at the beginning of the second half, Hugo Rama, who was the best player in the game, found the ball inside the area after a cross from the left and attempted a low and crossed shot that was deflected before going in. It’s his first goal on the season.

Then Fabril suffered an expulsion as Manú Silva was sent off for committing two fouls in a matter of ten minutes. The Portuguese had a terrible game, but always remembering that he was performing in a positon in which he isn’t used to play.

Mosquera didn’t make any change to fix the draw, instead he delayed the positon of Sam Piette, who also had a great game, and Fabril continued to be the best team on the pitch, to the point of having two big chances to claim the victory in the following fifteen minutes.

The first chance was wasted by Otero after been left alone before Cortegosa (63’), while the second was a direct free-kick of Hugo Rama that passed close to the crossbar (71’). After this play Rama was replaced by Marcos Legaz

Choco were going to suffer a second expulsion after substitute Óscar Pérez, who only spent fifteen minutes on the pitch, was sent off for an elbow over Piette. Fabril had again a numeric advantage and pushed for the victory, their last chance in the game was a direct free-kick of Pol Calvet that passed close to the far post of Cortegoso (82’).

Despite it is a good result, it was also a failed opportunity to claim the third position taking in mind the circumstances in the game with the chances to score and the numeric advantages. Fabril remain fourth as Rápido de Bouzas also failed to win too. On next weekend, Depor’s lads host SD Silva, club at mid-table that’s close to secure the permanence.

Choco: (4-4-2) Cortegoso – Yago Vázquez (Fernán 63’), Suso, Cristian (Lucas 87’), Molinos – Berto, Comis, Xosé, Félix (Óscar Pérez 63’) - Diego Silva, Hugo Sanmartín.
Deportivo B: (4-3-3) Anxo – Blas, Manú Silva, Fornos, Jorge (Lucas Viña 33’) – Edu Expósito, Hugo Rama (Marcos Legaz 72’), Piette – Calvet, Otero, Óscar García.
Goals: 1-0: (3’) Sanmartín, 1-1: (53’) Hugo Rama
Referee: Joaquín Ventoso Noal. He showed yellow card to Piette (29’), Félix (31’), Edu Expósito (63’), Hugo Sanmartín (80’) & Comis (89’). Diego Silva (37’ & 43’) and Manu Silva (49’ & 57’) were sent off with two yellow cards. Óscar Pérez was sent off with a direct red card (77’)
Venue: Santa Mariña (400)




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