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08 Apr 2016
Canarian Manuel Pablo conceded a press conference on Wednesday; he said to be sad for not playing too much on this season, but at the same time he is happy for been training with the team. He also talked of Valerón.

Manuel Pablo received the medical okay to play on Monday; just one month after suffering his muscle injury and just before the game against UD Las Palmas. On Wednesday he talked to reporters and explained his status, “I’m fine and let’s see if the coach decides to count with me. I work as always in order to be part of the 18-man list. It isn’t easy, but we have casualties in defence and I will try to enter.”
About the special game against his former club, UD Las Palmas, the veteran defender said that, “Yes it is special, though it’s true that I already spent the half of my half out. I spent nine year there and it was very special to debut over there. I have good memories of it.”

“It could be my last game against them, but I neither want to talk too much about it. We all know that the age is there and each day we are playing less time. The chances of staying are minimal, but the chance is always there. It’s something that we see as natural and don’t want to talk about it.” He added.

The game is also special as it marks a new confrontation with Valerón. The right-back was asked if he has talked to El Flaco, “Yes we have talked, but not of the game, because we spent the whole day playing in the playstation [he laughed]. No, I asked about the casualties of William and Jonathan [Viera] and it seems that Jonathan could be ready.”

“For me and all the players should feel something special for facing El Flaco. He is a player that you can notice why he is continuing playing, he makes everybody better and to watch him is something special. The issue of the bet about who is retiring first is a joke, because he said that he was retiring at the age of 34 and he still there [he laughed]. We don’t want to talk about it, because we see it as natural. We only want to enjoy the moment as we know it’s about to end.” He added.

About the current form of Monday’s rival, he said that it is good to see his former club close to clinch the permanence, “I’m glad, because they started with doubts and the results weren’t arriving, but the idea of the coach has been reinforced and things are fine. They play pretty and it’s what they want for the players they have.”

A journalist asked if he is disappointed for not playing too much on this season, “Truly I spent a lot of time injured, but it’s also true that I was already with the team in October-November and the Copa Del Rey was starting. Truly at that moment I was at the same level than the partners and was expecting to play a little more. I am not disappointed, but sad, as anyone would feel. I just train as I would be playing on Sunday.”

He wants to play the game, but above all he wants a good result for Depor, “I believe we all want to add the three points, and it will be special to play some minutes against Las Palmas, but it depends on the circumstances. The important thing is to clinch the victory and for there to be more calm.”

Another question was related to what will happen to the Canarian at the end of the season and he responded that, “I believe I will remain alive [he laughed], you never know [he laughed again]. For now I don’t want to talk of the subject. I haven’t talked to the president and we assumed naturally, so I am not thinking about it. I am happy only for been able to train with the team. It’s about coming to the session in order to compete and be better. In the end I have only played in two clubs, Las Palmas and Deportivo.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo was giving his opinion on the three-match suspension that has been applied to Arribas, “It’s clear what he said and if the referee took note of it then it was clear the suspension was going to be for more than one game. I believe the referee was wrong in not sending off the player of Celta, but also think that Arribas was wrong at that moment. We all can be wrong. We knew it was going to be for one more game.”



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