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11 Apr 2016
Both coaches are aware of the importance of the meeting, but while Depor’s manager says that a win puts the permanence inside the pocket, the coach of Ls Palmas prefer to think that nothing is definitive yet.

Enrique Setién Solar has spent his whole life linked to football. He played for fourteen years at Primera with Racing Santander, Atlético Madrid and CD Logroñes; the Cantabrian man even played three times with the Spanish national team. At Atlético he won a Spanish Supercup and also the UEFA Cup Winners Cup (he played 29 minutes in the final against Dynamo Kyiv).

He retired in 1996 at his loved Racing Santander, five years later he debuted as a head coach at the same club and had a direct impact as his team got the promotion to Primera División. But Setién didn’t stay and his next two jobs were unimpressive, even suffering a relegation to Tercera with CD Logroñes (2007/08).

But his career was re-launched in 2009 after signing for Galician club CD Lugo; he made an impressive job at Segunda B and, in his third year there, the club clinched their second promotion to Segunda A. During last summer he said good-bye to the Galician team and was resting until receiving the proposal of facing the challenge of UD Las Palmas after Paco Herrera was sacked. This is his second meeting with Víctor Sánchez Del Amo after losing at home 0-2 in the first round game

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Sunday’s noon, he talked to reporters for twelve minutes and started emphasising the importance of the meeting, “Evidently, when the results are positive, it means an injection of confidence, it is obvious. The last two results were good, this united to the impression left by the team, which is the important thing for us. Beyond everything, the important thing in tomorrow’s game is that we could give a blow that will boost our chances of getting the goal, and that’s the only thing in our minds. A victory against Las Palmas will put the permanence inside the pocket.”

He was recognizing the improvement in the performance of the rival, “It’s a rival in a good lane, as we anticipating at the start of the second round, things are more complicated as the teams in need press harder, and Las Palmas is the perfect example. It’s a team that was in a complicate situation and that’s going out through hard work. They are in a good streak, but nothing changes for us. Last week we also faced a team in a good moment, Celta, and these games have always been good to us throughout the season. It makes us to be alert.”

About the forced change at the goal, the Madrilenian man commented that, “The election of the players is related to their expected performance and the plan for that game. The areas and the goals have the same dimensions, so I don’t think it’s important to choose one keeper of the other depending if we play at home or not, at least for us it is not important. Surely one of them will play. From there anything can happen. I already decided, but no one knows yet who will play tomorrow.”

He was praising Valerón, “For everybody Juan Carlos is special, especially for the ones that have spent a lot of time with him, but the routine won’t change. He is a player that means everything for the club, he and Manuel Pablo are symbols of this club, just like Fran and Mauro Silva, men that you immediately link with Deportivo La Coruña. For me it was a pride to be the partner of Juan Carlos, for me he has been one of the best players. If he would have been able to play for one of the big clubs, then I’m sure he would have brought a Ballon d'Or to Spain. What happens is that it is more difficult to do it in a humble team like Deportivo. I’m glad we all enjoyed of him.”

Then the coach explained the presence of Manuel Pablo in the roster, “It’s the building up of the roster according to the needs that we have. In the last game we suffered two casualties in defensive players, Luisinho and Arribas, plus the casualty of Lux, and it opens a spot at defence. Manuel is recovered and enters as he is fit to play and we need defenders on the bench for what can happen in the game.” 

Finally, Víctor is ware that Depor haven’t chained two straight wins at the Riazor, but prefers to focus in reaching the mark of 40 points, “It will be the ideal moment to achieve that. No matter the statistics, the important thing is to reach the forty points and practically secure the goal. The streaks aren’t important, but the fact of reaching the goal is crucial.”

Las Palmas’ coach addressed the media on Sunday’s noon. He doesn’t think that a victory will be definitive in the quest for the permanence, "I am not going to A Coruña thinking of sentencing the permanence, also because I don’t know if it would be enough by only winning this game. I'm going to play a game, to do well and add points. Not even if we would be save in this match I would end the season there after fulfilling the objective. The goal is to add the biggest possible number of points and compete in every matchday, a win would give us more calm of what we already have, but the important thing is to keep the line of performance and the same attitude."

The Cantabrian man was talking of Sergio Araujo, who is replacing William José, "Whenever he is out, and in the trainings, he works as an animal, that's all I ask: to work hard, to think of the team. He should not be limited to think that the goal is what will give him life. If he doesn’t score, then another shall bring it. he has to remain calm, to think about the team, run and press, it is what I ask to all the players: work and commitment. Everything else is generating anxiety, something that shouldn’t exist. "

About the rival, the comment was, “Deportivo have many versions and I don’t know what are we going to meet, but what I know is that we won’t give up to play with our philosophy, which is to have the ball and we aren’t going to give up. We must also have in mind the presence of Lucas, who is a very dangerous player that brings goals from nowhere.”

Finally, Setién was analysing the presence of Valerón at the Riazor, "Obviously the situation of Valerón is something I cannot subtract. But I always do what’s best for the team at all times. If the situation is to see him playing, then I will make the decision. But above all is the team. Of course I have in mind his circumstance. it's a special situation.”



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