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13 Apr 2016
Weirdness at the Riazor, the soft defence returned just when the team was winning, but Depor had enough chances to score a lot of goals in game in which the luck was once again playing against the Galicians.

The six notes from the game Vs. UD Las Palmas:

1- Softness in defence: There were a lot of weird things in this game and the first was the approach made by Deportivo. The local side started pretty well in defence, not caring for giving away the ball possession, but well organized at the back zone, for this reason there weren’t too many chances in the first part. But things changed in the second half, Víctor ordered a high pressure in order to recover the ball faster and it ended killing Depor.

Because that high pressure in the second part showed the cracks at the back zone and Las Palmas found enough space to release their quick attacks, something that was clear in the disallowed goal and later in the equalizer. So, a weird thing happened: Deportivo defended better when the game was tied than when the locals had a 1-0 advantage, just when the logical thing would have been the opposite. In the end the Galicians conceded 11 attempts to score to the rival (2 in the first part, 9 in the second), too much, but the normal picture in this poor second round by the Galicians.
2- Luck also plays: No matter the criticism for a new disappointment it cannot be denied that the team tried to please the fans with a victory. Lucas could have scored the first goal in the first half, and with the 1-0 in the scoresheet Juanfran could have netted the second. Then, after the equalizer, Luis Alberto should have reestablished the lead for the locals in two opportunities, but in the first chance Varas barely deflected his low attempt and later the attacker incredibly missed from close range.

Even with the 1-2 in the scoresheet Depor had clear chances not only to tie the actions, but to win the game. Neither Jonathan nor Borges found the aim to send the ball into the back of the net when they were at the corners of the box and just before the third goal Lucas smashed the ball into the crossbar when the most logical thing would have been to score. Luck also plays and it has been playing against Depor lately, especially in this game.

3- Again failing with the changes: It has been normal to witness how the changes of Víctor Sánchez have little impact in the development of the games and this time it wasn’t different. Once again the coach was playing with two playmakers acting as wingers and once again those were the substitutions. Cani never felt comfortable on the left, so his exit was predictable, but the entry of Fayçal Fajr didn’t change anything, mainly because neither the Moroccan feel comfortable playing on the wing.

Later Cartabia was replaced just when he was looking better, the coach opted in a more direct approach and Jonathan Rodriguez entered the field. It didn’t work, the Uruguayan only touched the ball in 11 opportunities and was unable to score in the only opportunity that he had.

4- The importance of Lucas Pérez: Lucas scored again, and perhaps he ended screwed for failing two clear changes that would have changed the outcome, but no one can deny his importance at the team. Just to notice that he has now scored 16 goals and at the same time has provided 7 assists, so he has been directly involved in 23 goals. That’s the highest contribution for any Spanish player in la liga tied with Athletic’s Aduriz.

5- Weird statistics: Without doubt this was the weirdest game on the season, and it can be noticed in some statistics. For example, Juanfran was the player that completed more shots (5). The right-back was coming from behind in the secondary plays and ended shooting five times from the edge of the area, mainly in corner-kick actions, always missing the target. Then to have noticed that Lopo ended the game as a centre forward, with the score 1-2 he advanced his position while Mosquera was more delayed. He ended completing two shots without luck.

Another example of the weirdness is the passing ratio in the game, normally Mosquera is the one having the best ratio, but this time it was Lucas (85%) followed by Navarro (83%), the latter even gave the assist in the goal (almost by accident).

6- Weird environment at the stadium: There was a strange feeling surrounding the game, it was vital for the permanence, but at the same time there was a sense of nostalgia for the return of Valerón. The game started with the shock that part of the roof at Pabellón Superior fell down and later moved between tributes to El Flaco and disappointment for what was happening on the pitch. The applause after Valerón entered the field was followed by anger after the second goal of Las Palmas, many fans even left the stadium before the final whistle.



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