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28 Apr 2016
Sidnei returned from an injury and became the best player of Deportivo in a complicate month. The team didn’t win any game in April and even suffered its biggest lost at home ever.

April was a difficult month, Deportivo played five games in liga and only got three draws. Truly the points visiting Celta CF, Sevilla CF and SD Eibar are very important, but the home defeats with UD Las Palmas and especially against FC Barcelona rested prestige to a pale team.

The loss before FC Barcelona was so painful that it wasn’t included in the voting process of RCDLC.com peña, this since the members refused to vote. Still, the figure of Sidnei Rechel emerged as the best player in the month.

The Brazilian returned in April after a month on the sidelines and turned to be the best player in the month. He was chosen as the best man in the games against RC Celta and Sevilla CF. With the team losing presence in attack it was the defence the one that bear the team, and Sidnei was the heart of that defence.

Alejandro Arribas was suspended the major part of the month, but managed to add eight points thanks to his work in the derby and in the last visit to SD Eibar. Lucas Pérez and Fede Cartabia also grabbed important points after been named the best players in the games with UD Las Palmas and SD Eibar.

Summary of the month:

Rival Note MOM Points PV
Celta 2 Sidnei 18 Manu
Las Palmas 1 Lucas 16 none
Sevilla 2 Sidnei 15 none
Barcelona 0 ------------- 0 none
Eibar 2 Cartabia 25 none

Overall: The points added in April are helping Lucas Pérez to increase the difference with Pedro Mosquera, the attacker is close to become the player of the year as he has a 12-point lead with only three games remaining. Sidnei is now third thanks to the points added in April.


Player Points
Lucas 111
Mosquera 99
Sidnei 76
Luis Alberto 71
Lux 47
Cartabia 42
Arribas 42
Fajr 41
Alex 38
Juanfran 29
Borges 27
Navarro 19
Riera 14
Cardoso 10
Luisinho 9
Juando 8
Cani 7
Laure 6
Jonás 6
Rober 5
Lopo 4
Juanfran 3
Jonathan 2
Haris 2
Saul 2
Manu 2
Pletikosa 1




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