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30 Apr 2016
Two things prevailed in the interviews and press conferences: the players defended the coach after the controversy from La Voz de Galicia, while they also see the game against Getafe CF as a final.


Víctor: “I see Víctor the same, nothing has happened. After the results in the second round he has lost some prestige, and also the team has lost prestige, and we need to learn from this second round, because it is turning to be too long.”

Getafe: With the change of coach, you can notice a change at the team; they have improved a lot. Now they are coming with confidence, at our side we are in a bad streak in the second round and the important thing is to get the three points, so we can offer a victory and the permanence to the fans, they deserve it. For them it’s more a final than for us, but we want to achieve the permanence as soon as possible.”


Víctor: “I am surprised with everything that’s coming out. The true is that everything is fine, though it’s true that when a situation like this is happening then it’s normal to see things like this one coming out, there are people that aren’t content, but the commitment with the coach is beyond what it seems to be. We respect the opinions and only want to continue working and it should be reflected in results and points.”

Sunday’s game: It is an important game. We reach the last three matchdays in a perfect position to achieve the permanence, so why not? We will achieve the victory and celebrate it with the fans. We are in a bad streak, very complicated, but in the end it won’t be a brilliant season, but if we defeat Getafe then we will achieve the permanence two matchdays before the end. Truly we were unable to keep the hope of the first round. Truly we saw good things from Deportivo at that moment, but this is a project and things are looking good for the future. I am sure the team will continue to grow as we did before comparing to last year.”

Getafe: “They were more aggressive against Valencia, but it’s normal as they are playing for their life. But they will meet the same on here, because we are in debt with the fans; also because we deserve to achieve the permanence without suffering after what we did in the first round.”


Víctor: "I think it's a subject coming more from the outside. We must allow people work. We highly respect the coach, he saved the team on last year and now we are seven points above relegation. I believe people should allow others to work.”

Sunday’s game: “More games are remaining, but we must assume it as a final; especially for the fans. The salvation is not done, we have to earn it this weekend and close it once for all. And it isn’t only for the salvation, but to end the season with good feelings, it is for the fans, they deserve it.”


Sunday’s game: “Three games are remaining. This is ending. We have a very important game at home against Getafe, team that plays for everything, but we too, to mathematically secure the permanence. It’s one of the most important games of the year. On Sunday we play for a lot and it must be faced like that. We must give everything, go out and win.”

Víctor: We do not know who is filtering this... Each with his conscience. Whatever happens inside the changing room it should stay inside the changing room. It’s a family and family problems must be fixed inside. If you go outside, it is something that cannot be avoided because we are many. For me it’s a shame to see these things, because I think the vast majority isn’t true. It’s a lie that we don’t have a good relation with the coach. Because, personally, I have nothing against Victor. I'm thankful. The best year of my career I owe to him. Then my words will always be grateful, both inside and outside.”


Víctor: “I ask for a minimum respect. Last year he saved the team and today we are close to achieve the permanence. If he has achieved the goals in two straight years then he deserves respect. The fact if he should go or not isn’t your business or of anyone else, it is a matter of the club. In one year you cannot pass from been saved at the Camp Nou to qualify to Europe.”

Sunday’s game: “Yes, it is a very important game to us, this in order to achieve the goal of the season. We are really close and I believe that adding the three points it will be done. Beyond the victory, we are on the right way to clinch the permanence. They are in a complicate position. People say that we are insecure on here, I don’t want to think how they are in Getafe. Truly it is a final for them, if they lose then probable it won’t be enough.”



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