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17 Nov 2006
During Friday's training, Coach Caparr??s started to prepare the derby match with Celta. The main doubt for him is to know who will occupy the position of striker, while it seems that he already has the rest of the lineup in his mind. Meanwhile Celta's coach, Fernando V??zquez, is facing a lot of problems in order to build a team for Sunday's game.

Coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s worked with stationary plays and special actions during yesterday's training session. He didn't probe any lineup, a situation that invites to think that the Sevillan trainer already has the team for Sunday's game. All appoints that the defensive line will be the same that drew with N??stic on the past weekend. This means that Aouate will be the keeper, Arbeloa the right back, Juanma and Lopo will perform as central defenders, and  Capdevila will continue on the left side.

In midfield the duo Sergio-Coloccini will continue to perform in the pivote functions, while Joan Verd?? will be the playmaker. One of the doubts is to know if Javier Arizmendi will be fit for the derby, he faced some muscular problems in his midweek participation with Spain, and for that reason he missed the game with Romania. It's expected that the Madrilian will play on the right wing, if Arizmendi isn't ready to play, Cristian will move his position from the left wing leaving a spot for Riki.

But the main doubt for Caparr??s is to know the name of the striker that he will use on this game. The three players that are disputing the place are Sebasti??n Taborda, Adri??n L??pez and the same Riki. Supposedly, Taborda will continue to rest, but the two goals that the Uruguayan scored against Ordes have created doubts in Caparr??s's mind, the same happens with Adri??n who also scored twice in Wednesday's friendly. Riki has been the normal striker in the last games, but he has only conquered one goal in this liga season. The Utrera-born coach will make a decision on Saturday's training.

In Celta, the situation with the injured players have been calling the attention of the fans and the media. So far, Fernando V??zquez has eight secure absences to face the derby game: George Lucas (broken ankle), Daniel de Ridder (knee), Pablo Garc?a (thigh), Antonio Guayre (thigh), Mat?as Lequi (thigh), Gabriel Tamas (suspended),  Antonio N???ez (knee) and Gustavo L??pez (groin). It was previously reported that Diego Placente will miss the clash, but the Argentinean has surpassed his problems in one ankle, and he could take part in the game.

And the situation has been worse during the last days, Borja Oubi?a, Iriney  and Angel have suffered different problems during the week and they aren't at 100%. The most worrying case was Borja Oubi?a who suffered a strong blow during the game Spain-Romania, but it has been confirmed that the Galician player is ready to participate in the derby.

In this way, Celta will have to make at least three vital changes in the lineup. The first one is the entrance of Yago Alonso for Lequi in the centre of the defence. The second modification is the appearance of Angel in the place of Lucas as right back, and the last one is the presence of Jorge or Jonathan Aspas to  replace Gustavo L??pez on the right wing. At least the team will count with the deadly combination between Cannobio, Baiano and Nen? in the striking zone. The expected lineup in Celta is: Pinto - Angel, Yago, Contreras, Placente - Oubi?a, Iriney - Jorge/Aspas, Canobbio, Nen? - Baiano.

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