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11 May 2016
During a public act of the club, president Tino Fernández talked to reporters. He said that it hasn’t been defined if Víctor will continue, but assured that Deportivo will try to keep Lucas Pérez.

On Tuesday Tino Fernández attended to a congress of football in Carballo; the president seized the opportunity to offer a short press conference and he analysed several issues. The following is a summary of the main things that he explained.

“The subject with Víctor Sánchez Del Amo is on the same point that after the game against Villarreal: truly nothing has changed. We will do what we told and since that point we will inform you. What we know is that there’s a contract that has been signed and we will valorise how the year was. The season isn’t over yet.”

“The intention that we have is to keep him. We won’t go out anywhere in order to sell him. We will see what happens, but the intention of Deportivo is to have him as the reference of the team. We will try to do it according to out possibilities.”

“We must try to face the challenge and leave the best possible impression. The game has an economic impact, but above all a social and public impact that’s really important. It’s a game that will be watched across the world and Deportivo cannot be watched as a companion.  It’s good to be in the public eye, it is good for the sponsors as we are in a top moment of the league. Deportivo will have a protagonic role and it’s good for the brand and the fans. “

“We talked and I expressed my opinion, but nothing to be released to the public. I just transmitted the feelings of the fans and wanted to support them. We always tried to add, it wasn’t a reproach.”

“The situation is in the hands of the lawyer. We understand that we did the right things. Valladolid was cheating with the way they signed the contract and now the justice will dictate a sentence. That contract was signed on September 4 and they put a different date. We did the right things and we will see what happens.”

“The final number can only be known at the end of the league, because it is influenced by the ticket sales and the final position. I would say that the final number will be among the 43 o the 44 million Euros. It also depends of who is coming from Segunda. Deportivo will have more resources and that’s good news.”



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