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12 May 2016
Pedro Mosquera accepted that there have been internal problems at the first team. He also hopes to see Víctor Sánchez continuing ahead of next season.

On Wednesday, Pedro Mosquera conceded a press conference, what called the attention was his answer after a journalist asked if there’s an internal war at the squad with Luisinho and Lopo training apart; he said that, “It’s clear that the fans deserve an explanation. Truly there were complicate situations inside the changing room during the second round. It isn’t my job to talk about this, but there are twenty-five professionals at the squad, though some of us weren’t acting like this. What I know is that I always tried to be available for the coach. There’s the example of people like Álex Bergantiños, who always gives everything to be there. Since that point everyone should look at themselves and judge if they gave everything during the season.”

He didn’t want to clarify what’s happening with Luisinho and Lopo, “In the end these situations aren’t decided by the players, it is decided by the club and the coach. Each one is aware of what they do. On here we all are professionals and the external issues are managed by the club and the coach. I don’t know what’s happening with them.”

Asked about the definition of la liga at the Riazor facing Real Madrid, the midfielder commented that, “Any player would like to play that game. Evidently Real Madrid depend of Barcelona, but if they lose or draw then Madrid will depend on this game. Each side has to play their game and we need to be professionals. It’s a special game as it’s the last one at home and it will be pretty as we face Real Madrid.”

He is hoping to clear the ghosts of the past game with FC Barcelona, “Against Barcelona we didn’t have our day and now we expect to make a good game. We must enjoy as there’s no pressure. I hope the fans could enjoy too. Let’s hope we can offer our best version. There’s no pressure, but we need to end as high as possible.”

Then Mosquera was asked about the situation of coach Víctor Sánchez, he was defending his continuity at the club, “I don’t know what the club thinks of this situation, what I know is that the coach came on last season and saved the situation after a complicate situation, and on this season we are already saved, closer to the eighth place than to relegation. The club wanted this and clearly the coach fulfilled the mission. I have a good relation with the coach and we need to see if he wants to continue. He’s under contract and I believe that he wants to continue. He brings a lot of things to the club and hopefully he will continue.”

Finally, the Galician player was commenting the ups and downs during the season, “We made a first round that no one expected, and it’s also true that we didn’t’ match the level during the second. Truly other clubs had a worse performance, but it doesn’t clear what we did. We were under pressure and were able to clinch the permanence in Villarreal.” 




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