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13 May 2016
The agent of the Luisinho offered a press conference and practically blamed coach Víctor Sánchez for everything. He also said that the Portuguese wants to extend his contract with the club.

The tension between Luisinho and Víctor Sánchez continued and added a new actor with the presence of the player’s agent, Jorge Teixeira. He addressed the media on Thursday’s morning and talked about the new “ban” over the defender. It was a weird scenario as he was showing a trophy of best player of the season that was gave to Luisinho two seasons ago.

In the press conference, Teixera attacked Víctor and practically blamed him for all the problems lived by Luisinho on this season. He assured that all started on last season and not after the incident with Arribas. The following is a translation of all the things said by the agent:

"I want to talk about this year and what happened to Luisinho in A Coruña. He arrived three years ago with great enthusiasm. He had a contract with a big club in Portugal, Benfica. He arrived in order to play at Segunda with the intention of putting Deportivo back to Primera, moment when the club wasn’t in an easy situation. We signed a three-year contract in A Coruña. The team got the promotion, Luisinho had a great season, and last year he was one of the best players at the squad. In fact, last year he was the player at the squad with more minutes.”

“The problem doesn’t begin after the incident with Arribas, but the real problem of Luisinho is a personal problem with Víctor Sánchez del Amo. We have to respect the position of the club, the directors and all the fans, but this was a personal decision between Victor and Luisinho. It didn’t start with the issue of Arribas, Luisinho made a human error after last season’s game against Atletico, he asked Victor for the reasons of his substitution. It was the end of the game and he shouldn’t have done that, but humbly he spoke with Victor the next day and asked for forgiveness. He said it wasn’t the day to talk about it, Victor told him, clearly, that it was football, that he had also been a player, but Luisinho felt that there was a negative feeling already. That season ended and Deportivo stayed at Primera.”

“At the start of this season, when Luisinho was elected one of the best players of the previous season, he began as a second or third option. In my opinion, and I speak as an agent, it isn’t normal. Then the coach put Luisinho on the wing, when it isn’t his original position. Truly Luisinho is competitive and he wants to play, but has a special character. After the situation with Arribas, the images are public, these are things that happen in football, in all teams. But in my opinion, Arribas was more nervous than Luisinho. The treatment of the case was different, one was separated, they made a statement and tried to throw a big suspicion that something bigger was happening when nothing more happened. Arribas, however, trained normally, he played and nothing happened. This was another case. From there, everything that happened this year bore the name of Luisinho. This year the club opened six disciplinary cases, for Luisinho there was only one. No one speaks about that. The interest of the coach is to demonize Luisinho’s work. I congratulate Luis, he endured a lot this year, another player with another temperament would have created many problems. Luis always looked for the interest of Deportivo, when he was called to play, in fact the best phase of Deportivo was with Luisinho playing the whole game.”

“Then there was an incident between two team mates, Oriol and Lucas, much more serious than what happened with Arribas. The next day the coach presented the case to the club, he said that it was an important moment, but that these things happen at any changing room, and Luis spoke about it. It isn’t a person speaking at home or in a coffee break about his partners, neither with the press, if you have something to say, he speaks directly. He asked to speak and spoke: I understand it's a normal situation of football, but with me you were different. I have nothing against Oriol and Lucas, they are good companions, I have a good relationship with them. But in my case the situation was completely different and, as our leader, you cannot have two measures. Then Victor told him that he hasn’t asked for his opinion and sent him out of the room.”

“I spoke to Ernesto [Bello], with Richard [Barral] and the club tried, but Victor wanted to sideline him. Then I ask if this is a dictatorship or a democratic club where you can give your opinion. Luisinho never disrespected Victor. He only gave a different opinion. The club defended the player and takes the right position. Both the president and the board are serious, fair and honest people who think of the club.”

“Luisinho wasn’t training apart and worked on the previous week with a specific routine due to a tendon issue. The president spoke at the changing room, he asked them to worry about Villarreal’s game and said that Luisinho was one more player at the squad.”.

“After the match against Villarreal, I don’t know if Victor slept well or badly, Luisinho is separated by tactical decision. I would like him to tell me why. The first time there was no reason, but now is a crazy thing. I had never seen this in my twelve years as an agent and this shows that the coach is not consistent, he is vindictive, unjust and is trying to destroy the career of Luisinho. This affects the value of player, who has a history. During this stage we had many requests from other clubs. Víctor had a more severe case as a player when Irureta was the coach. Luisinho is a saint compared to what he did”

“In addition, in a week in which there wasn’t any game he had a coaching course and asked the coach if he could do an exam, for personal training. Victor told him no, because he had to train. He lost the opportunity to make the first level degree of coach. He didn’t let him go to Santiago for an exam. It's so ridiculous, personal, petty and foolish, I have no adjectives to talk about this. Luisinho isn’t allowed to breathe, when everyone knows that some are talking of Victor as if he was a package."

"Many know what really happens, but are afraid to express publicly their opinion as a rancorous Victor could make them equal to Luisinho. Manuel Pablo's statement doesn’t represent the thinking of the group. Many players didn’t know what was put on that statement. I don’t want to discuss this issue; it is a complicated field. It was done in a very particular way, there are many things behind. I cannot raise suspicions, but it doesn’t represent the sentiment of many. In fact, the president didn’t know that the statement was made. In my opinion, who is behind that statement is Víctor Sánchez del Amo. In the statements of Pedro Mosquera, he is also behind his words."

"In my opinion, it is inconsistent to see Luisinho staying if Victor is the coach. I don’t like to talk about scenarios, I like to talk about realities. Now the coach is Victor and Luisinho has two more years. The situation isn’t comfortable. Next week, I will have a meeting with the president. It is still to be decided if the coach will continue, Luis still has two more years. It is a situation we have to talk; the idea of Luis is to continue for two more years and even stay at Depor until the end of his career. We'll see what happens, it is clear that an important issue is the continuity of the coach, but not only that is critical there are more things." 




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