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19 May 2016
The season 2015/16 will be remembered as the one in which Deportivo shown two very different faces, the first one was a solid team aspiring to Europe, the second one a team that barely escaped from relegation.

It can be said that Deportivo gave a small step forward during the season 2015/16; if one year before the team escaped from relegation in a miraculous game at the Camp Nou during the last matchday, now it clinched the salvation one week before the end.

The club also shown a small progress related to the points added and the final position, because the 42 points of this campaign is the highest mark since the 43 of the season 2010/11, curiously the team went down on that year. Also, the 15th position on this campaign is the best one since the 10th place of the season 2009/10.

Deportivo also ended in a respectful 13th position in terms of goals scored (45) and goals allowed (61). Despite been a team more used to the counterattack, it was also 13th in terms of ball possession (47.7%) and was 12th in terms of pass accuracy (75%)

However, there’s a stain: the irregular behavior comparing the first round with the second. The Galicians were ninth by matchday 19, only three points below the European zone, and only lost four games in 2015, which put the team among the top 10 teams in the big five European leagues.

But there was a radical change in the second round, especially in 2016, Depor only won twice in the new year; the worst part is that it lost 10 of the 21 games disputed in 2016 allowing 45 goals (the worst mark at Primera during the year).

The conclusion is that Deportivo, according to the raking of budgets (the 4th smallest in the league), achieved the goal improving the results of the previous year, which means to fulfill the expectations. But at the same time the team left a bittersweet taste in the mouth as it was inviting to bigger things at the middle of the first round, leaving the impression of a lost opportunity to aspire to better goals.



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