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19 May 2016
The impressive numbers of Lucas are among the best at Deportivo during this century. Mosquera was the man with more minutes and also had the best passing accuracy.

25 players took part with Deportivo during the liga season 2015/16, including one coming from Fabril: Róber Pier. The centre-back played 50 minutes in two games. Winger Óscar García also made his official debut, but it was in Copa Del Rey.

The player with more appearances was Fayçal Fajr, the Moroccan took part of the 38 league matchdays (31 as a starter, 7 as a substitute). Also to mention the case of Pedro Mosquera, the Galicians midfielder took part in 37 of the 38 games on the season, all of them as a starter and only missed one game due to suspension.

Apart from the duo, other five men took part in at least 30 league matches: Lucas Pérez (36), Fernando Navarro (35), Juanfran Moreno (35), Sidnei Rechel (33) and Alejandro Arribas (31).

The player with more minutes was Pedro Mosquera (3,288). Other seven men added at least 2,500 minutes in the league: Lucas Pérez (3,140), Navarro (2,961), Sidnei (2,897), Fajr (2,841), Arribas (2,737), Juanfran (2,683) and German Lux (2,557)

Perhaps the first individual stat that calls the attention was the huge offensive contribution of Lucas Pérez, the striker scored 17 goals, the highest mark at Depor since the 29 of Roy Makaay during the campaign 2002/03. It was the 11th best mark in la liga and the 4th best among the Spanish attackers, only behind Aduriz (20), Rubén Castro (19) and Borja Bastón (18).

Lucas was also the best assistor at the team with 8 assists, so he contributed in 25 goals, which is the 22th mark among the top five leagues in Europe. Luis Alberto was the second scoring force at the team with seven goals added to his tally and three assists. Then both Fajr and Fede Cartabia scored three times and gave three assists.

In more detailed stats, Mosquera had the best pass ration (82.5%), followed by Fajr (82.2%), Celso Borges (79.7%), and Lucas Pérez (79.1%). The worst pass ration was for Jonás Gutiérrez (65.2%), Oriol Riera (65.5%), Luis Alberto (69.1%) and Cani (71.2%).

As it could be expected, Lucas (100) and Luis Alberto (80) were the players with more shots. In terms of a comparison with the other clubs, the 100 shots from Lucas was the 6th best mark in la liga, a department led by Cristiano Ronaldo (227).

In defensive stats, it stands the 121 tackles made by Mosquera, which is the best mark at Deportivo and the second highest in la liga, only behind the 126 of Filipe Luis. Then Sidnei was the third player in la liga with more clearances (190), only behind Espanyol’s Álvaro González (195) and Betis’ Bruno (194). 




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