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21 May 2016
Historical season for Lucas Pérez, the presence of Luis Alberto boosted his numbers and for the first time in a long period Deportivo didn’t miss the goals.

Four strikers performed with Deportivo during the season 2015/16, off course all the eyes were upon Lucas Pérez due to his scoring numbers, but Luis Alberto also shown for been his perfect companion. Meanwhile Jonathan Rodriguez was the big disappointment at the team.

Lucas Pérez –Explosive- (3,140 minutes on the season).  The performance that the fans were expecting to see in a striker for a long time. He cleared all the physical problems of last season and this time was the guide in attack and even one of the more feared attackers in la liga. His 17 goals mean the 3rd highest mark at the club during this century.

It’s also true that he lowered his pace in the final stage, because Lucas only scored five times on the second round, but that has to do a lot with the general failure of the team during this instance. The best part is that the Galician attacker is not only a finisher, but also a perfect man for the combinative game. He had the 4th highest passing ratio (79.1%) at the team and made 8 assists, which is the highest number at the club since the ten made by Djalminha during the season 1999/2000.  He was the only player of Depor that gave two assists in one single game (2-2 Vs. Betis, Feb 13).
RCDLC.com rating: 9.0

Luis Alberto –Complementary- (2,108). Part of the success of Lucas has to do with the presence of Luis Alberto. He had a slow start with the team, but once he found a perfect understanding with the Galician marksman, then everything start to work out.  Just to notice that four of the goals scored by Lucas were assisted by Luis Alberto (the 7th best combination in liga).

This understanding explains why the coach established the 4-4-2 as the normal formation of Deportivo. But Luis Alberto was beyond being merely a companion, he was also a finisher and ended the season as the second best scorer at the team (6) and was also the second best assistant (7). Perhaps the only stain in his stage at Depor is that he had the third worst passing ratio at the team (69.1%)
RCDLC.com rating: 8.0

Oriol Riera –Displaced- (787). He was the victim of the fact that both Lucas and Luis Alberto were the perfect couple in attack. He was pushed to a secondary role and ended to be the player with more entries coming out from the bench (15).

He neither gave motives to think that he deserved more minutes, because the Catalan didn’t convince too much with his performances as he wasn’t scoring goals. He only scored twice and one of those goals was the only one netted by a substitute during the season (At Sevilla, April 17).
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Jonathan Rodríguez –Disappointment- (566). The club was hoping to find a new Iván Cavaleiro, but this Uruguayan striker didn’t meet the expectations. Víctor had faith with him and gave the young attacker several chances at the beginning of the season. He demonstrated to be a quick and vivid attacker, but lacked punch and definition.

He missed clear opportunities that ended costing points and by the second round Víctor had lost his faith in him. With the team going down, many people asked for a new opportunity, but the coach barely picked him within the last three months in the competition.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5





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