25 May 2016
Jonás conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Argentine player confessed that he would like to stay at Depor and also analyzed the problems lived at the end of the season.

Q: What’s your balance of your stage at Deportivo?
A: For me it was very positive in A Coruña. Truly I wasn’t able to play what I wanted, but the fact of being healthy and able to train in the changing room... After two years full of outside problems... The opportunity given to me by Depor is something I won’t forget in my whole life.

Q: What did you miss in order to have more continuity?
A: When I started to have minutes, even with games as a starter, I got an injury and I didn’t have the coach’s confidence after that. At that time other teammates went ahead. These things happen in football.

>Q: Arribas put you as an example of professional behavior, someone that doesn’t gives up.
A: To see a partner saying that it’s to be proud. You have many battles. Truly I didn’t have the chance to be among the first ones at the starting lineup, after what I experienced, you learn many things. And so, I was always the first to train. I may blame many things, but not that. I enjoy the day by day. Although I wasn’t playing the day by day was very positive for me, all year long to be in the group with my teammates. For the treatment I had to be out for a long time and now wanted to always be first.

Q: Also, the youngest ones at the changing room have words of gratitude for you. In this case for the welcome that you give to them.
A: Once we all were young and had the support of other players. I will never forget the gesture that Gandolfi had with me, as I had no boots and we wore the same number, he gave me his boots. That marked me and I have always tried to be like him. That's why I like talking to the guys who come here to not lose heart and make them see that football changes a lot and you have to be prepared for anything.

Q: Are you attracted by the idea to renew for Depor?
A: I spent one year and felt fine on here. I am very grateful to the officials that trusted me. They trusted me and not others. In the city, to my colleagues. No one knows the future. Now I have to enjoy the holiday. It’s early to say that, because they didn’t tell me anything.

Q: But have you told your agent to listen if you receive a call from Depor?
A: My agent knows I was very happy and if the talks are activated, then I will be more than happy. I had a great time in A Coruña and surely would like to continue.

Q: How did you live the whole mess at the end?
A: Well too bad. I think it was a big mistake, which was to air what was happening. Things are spoken within the group, the situation is solved in the inside. For me, the last week of the tournament shouldn’t happen, because it was the biggest mistake that was made, everything that happened. Everybody. coaching staff and players. I didn’t like to see there were communicates, or that there were talks of teammates. But, well, you learn from everything. I hope it will be useful for the future.

Q: Pletikosa 'said that the coach lacked authority. Do you also see it that way?
A: That's a question for the coach himself. I'm just saying that things should have been spoken in private. What happened in the last week… there are ways.

Q: Do you think the bad atmosphere may have influenced in the poor performance of the second round?
A: I want to think that not. But what’s clear is that, after the first round, we should have aspired to more.
I don’t talk of playing in Europe, but something more than to suffer as we did.

Q: There's some people speaking of bad luck.
A: I respect all opinions. But to me, particularly, I don’t like to attribute the poor performance to bad luck. You have to be critic. Certainly there were times when we deserved more, but it would be very simple to reduce everything to misfortune. I think that it influenced many things and then we entered a dynamic that was very hard to leave. But, hey, it's done. We were saved and now it’s what counts.




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