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21 Nov 2006
One month ago, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) resolved the case of Adri??n L??pez, the entity confirmed that Deportivo was right to inscribe the player in la liga since his past deal with Real Oviedo was an amateur contract. The same federation also decided that Depor should pay €330,000 as part of the formation rights of the youngster, that amount is precisely the last point of discord between the two clubs.

Adri??n L??pez debuted in a official game on October 25th, it was in a copa match against Racing Santander. The young striker was a starter and caused the penalty that gave the goal of the victory. Four day later, Adri??n played his first liga confrontation in the 0-2 defeat against Getafe. Since then, the Asturian player has been a regular in the formations of Caparr??s, although he wasn't called for the derby game with Celta.

It seemed that everything was resolved since the RFEF gave the reason to Deportivo in the dispute with Real Oviedo over Adri??n's rights, but on the last week, a new obstacle appeared. Deportivo doesn't want to pay the €330,000 that the RFEF determined as a monetary compensation due to the formation rights of the player. The Galician club believes that this amount is too high. Meanwhile, Real Oviedo believes that the compensation is too low and has been demanding for an increase since the sentence was know.

The RFEF arranged a meeting between the two clubs on the past week, but nobody wanted to change its position. Oviedo has even denounced Deportivo since the Galician club is using the player in official matches without making the payment first. In any case, the RFEF will try to arrange more meetings in order to reach a final agreement about the amount of the payment.

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