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31 May 2016
The president talked to the media and explained the reasons why Víctor was sacked. The new coach is expected to arrive on next week. Depor’s boss also confirmed that Lopo and Luisinho are leaving.

Hours after the exit of Víctor Sánchez was confirmed, president Tino Fernández conceded a press conference to talk about the issue. He was joined by his advisors and the board of directors. Depor’s boss also talked of other subjects like the status of Lopo and Luisinho. The following is a summary of the main things said by the president.

“After the time we had to think about the situation, the decision has more to do with the future than with the past. The last weeks of the season were a disaster. Truly we renewed our hope with him in January. We were thinking of a long relation. The process of acquiring confidence is slow, but the one to lose it is faster. The loss of confidence in the coach occurred for several reasons, some of them are internal issues. It isn’t worthy to talk about them. In a sporting sense our second round wasn’t good and it took place some incidents that shouldn’t be repeated.”

"The process of analysis that we opened two weeks ago had more to do with knowing if Victor was the right person to avoid past mistakes and that the club's future would be successful. We communicated our decision to him in a meeting that wasn’t too long. We wondered if we were strong and cohesive enough to see if the first difficulties, that will surely arrive, were going to be surpassed, if we would be in a good position to meet this challenge or if we had too many doubts, and a decision was made.”

“That monologue [press conference before facing Real Madrid] was inappropriate. I don’t think Victor intended to devalue any player. But overall, it never helps to remove dirt, neither the cause of it nor the responsible one. So I told Victor. Responding to the press conference of Luisinho’s agent, which I think is unfortunate, wasn’t a success. It’s more than evident that what happened in recent weeks wasn’t a wise move. But I will not customize anyone. For the respect to our people it shouldn’t have occurred, those were two embarrassing weeks."

"We thank Victor for his dedication and work; also, the results of two seasons in which we were able to achieve the sporting objective. We wish him all the luck in the world, certainly he is going to have a long career as a coach.  The cost of the coach’s exit will be in the budget of this season, so it won’t affect next season’s salary cap.”

“The idea is that the new coach will arrive on next week. We are on time. As we didn’t have a deadline for the decision on Victor, now there isn’t a deadline for the new coach. We don’t have a rush at this time. But on the profile: we will search for that leader for the future. I'm not thinking it's going to happen this week. If he knows the league, surely it will be the better. The responsibility with the proposals is on Richard Barral. I don’t believe the arrival of the new coach will take place on this week. We haven’t negotiated with anyone yet.”

"Lopo has had a remarkable career on here. Maybe he was wrong, but has agreed to accept the disciplinary proceedings and has never said anything beyond a comment on a social network. It’s true that he won’t continue, but I want to thank him for what he has have done with us. I remember his decisive goals on last season."

“He cannot continue at Deportivo. He has a contract and we’ll see what agreement can be reached. Was it a mistake to keep him and Arribas? It’s evident that there were four opportunities: to take both out of the club, to take one out, to push the other out or stay with them. We decided to keep both of them, and the goal that we had wasn’t achieved. If I would have a crystal ball then we would have made a different choice, but I always thought we'd be able to manage it. "

"We didn’t want to throw the player lowering the price and go to the market to buy more. We need to maximize resources, but if we would have known that this was going to happen, then we would have done it [to sell Luisinho]. It’s true that he asked to leave in the winter window, but the time to assess was this one. We will try to get the maximum performance with his exit; we will not give the freedom to him without any compensation. He has closed a stage on here and the communion at the changing room isn’t going to be easy with his presence.”

"I cannot rule out any possibility at 100%, but I would say that Fabricio won't be the keeper of Deportivo on next season."

“The intention of the club is to see Lucas staying. We only received some calls from China. We are limited by the economic reality, but we are working to see him retiring on here.”

“We will change the procedure to elect the captains. The decision cannot be made only taking in mind one criterion.”

“There isn’t any decision about his future. If a decision would be made then we clearly would have made a big celebration in the game against Real Madrid.”

“In a sporting sense it was the best year of the last six. We thought, I am the first one to admit it, we were going to be higher, but it was the best. And we have a great sporting heritage, with players that, if we go to the market, can bring a lot of money. From the economic point of view, we will have the best result in the club’s history. We are above many large cities. But we will try to move forward and improve in order to reach Europe, although not in the short term.”



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