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01 Jun 2016
The club announced on Tuesday that it is closing the season 2015/16 with 26,149 socios. The highest number since the Champions League years.

The season 2015/16 was closed with 26,149 socios. It’s an increase of almost 2,000 compared to the previous campaign and is also the highest number at the club since reaching the 30,000 during the years in which Deportivo were competing in the Champions League.

The report presented by the club on Monday also presents some interesting data, like the fact that the 73% (19,173) of the socios are male, while the 61% of them (15,920) live in the city of A Coruña. Marathon Inferior is the sector at the stadium with the large number of socios (4.120, 83% of the total).

One of the main things emphasized by the club is the growing number of the socios in recent years. There were 4,552 new inscriptions during the season, which is the second highest number at the club within the last 20 years, precisely the record was achieved one year before with the 5,591 new inscriptions of the campaign 2014/15.

The evolution of the socios at Deportivo:

Season Socios
2003-2004 30,800
2004-2005 29,500
2005-2006 25,000
2006-2007 23,000
2007-2008 20,000
2008-2009 21,000
2009-2010 17,000
2010-2011 16,000
2011-2012 25,589
2012-2013 25,288
2013-2014 22,752
2014-2015 24,245
2015-2016 26,149



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