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02 Jun 2016
Two were the errors that caused the exit of Víctor Sánchez; the first was the inability to correct the problems witnessed in the second round; the second was to lose the control at the changing room.

Víctor Sánchez was promising to have an important career at Deportivo; after saving the team in the last game of the previous season, his start during the campaign 2015/16 was more than positive. He even signed a one-year renewal with several fans saying that it was too short.

But everything changed as soon as the team started to have bad results. Truly it was unfortunate to drop points in games in which the team had the advantage at minute 89, like it happened against Valencia CF and Málaga CF, but it’s also true that the coach was unable to change the dynamic that sunk the team into a depression that almost cost the permanence.

After making several changes and adjustments in the first round, Víctor barely made modifications in the second part of the league tournament. His 4-4-2 wasn’t working and, when he made radical changes (he even played once with a 5-4-1), then it was too late. Besides, his changes during the games were ineffective.

In the end the permanence was achieved, but the club’s officials, including president Tino Fernández, had doubts about the convenience of keeping the coach for the new season. These doubts were increased with the news of confrontations between some players and Víctor.

The president confirmed that seven disciplinary cases were opened during the campaign, the most serious ones were related to Luisinho, who had problems with the coach since his arrival (he didn’t like the fact of been replaced in the first game with Víctor on board).

And the stroke that broke the camel was the press conference before the last game against Real Madrid. For 50 minutes Victor talked to the journalists, without accepting questions, and responded to the accusations made some days before by Luisinho’s agent. Later the president described these declarations as inappropriate. It was then that the board decided that new flesh was needed at the bench.

The decision of firing the coach is risky for Tino Fernández and his board of directors, risky because it’s the third coach in two and a half years with this new board. People might understand a change, but three might be too much for the public, especially after Fernando Vázquez was also fired after making declarations in the pre-season. It might leave the impression of zero tolerance by the rulers at the club.

In the meantime, Víctor said good-bye to the fans using the social media. He wrote on Twitter a message to the fans: “It’s a sad day, but it’s heart-warming to look back and think of you. Many thanks for your support. My best wishes for our Deportivo. I have you in my heart.”



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