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04 Jun 2016
Sportpapers AS and Palco23 presented a report with the calculations of what each Primera club will receive on next season regarding the TV rights. Deportivo will collect €45.53 million.

Sportpaper AS presented on Friday a report on what each club from Primera División will collect in terms of TV rights. The same information was later confirmed by Palco 23, an online paper specialized in financial news in sports.

The report is analysing the TV income that each Primera club will receive during the season 2016717 and compared the numbers with the previous two seasons. The report says that Deportivo will collect €45.53 million on next season, it’s an increase of the 45% compared to last year, but at the same time it’s the 4th lowest in the league, only above Sporting Gijón (€42.28 million), SD Eibar (€41,86 million) and UD Las Palmas (€41.5 million).

Each Primera club is receiving at least €40 million, while the Segunda clubs have only secured €6 million. This means that the difference between playing at Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante is €34 million; a huge difference that increases with the pass if time.

In any case, this initial calculation isn’t the exact money that Deportivo will receive in terms of TV rights, because the final number depends in the final positon at the standings (there are monetary prizes linked to the final position as the source of the money is the TV rights).

In this sense the money that a club is planned to receive may be a big difference compared to the one that’s finally collected, as example the situation of Valencia CF for the season 2015/16. Los Chés were expecting to collect €62 million, but they unexpected bad position cost them €8.2 million.

In the case of Deportivo the difference was minimal, the club was expecting to collect €30 million for the season that has just ended, and it the end the money for the TV rights will be €31.68 million. The report from Palco 23 also remembers that Depor collected €18 million for the season 2014/15. This means that the club has increased the incomes for this subject in 150% in a period of only three seasons.

The report of Palco 23 about the evolution of the TV rights at Primera División:



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