10 Jun 2016
Juan Dominguez conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia. The midfielder was presenting a training campus and seized the opportunity to talk of what he lived on last season, his future and the arrival of the new coach.

Q: You are one of those who have remained outside all the mess that was mounted around the group, what is your opinion of what happened?
A: It was a mistake to end like this. The fans donít deserve to see what we have provoked. It's something that didnít benefit the image of the club and the players. Now the best thing is to forget last season and leave it in history. I prefer not to talk about that topic.

Q: The season is left behind, but from the club they have wanted to intervene so it wonít be repeated. One of the changes will be in the system of electing the captains. You are one of the current ones. What do you think of this measure?
A: It sounds good to change the method. In many places it works differently and has nothing to do with the time you have at the club. If they believe it is best to manage the group well, then it will be welcome.

Q: Donít you feel that with the decision the current captains are pointing out?
A: I donít think the decision has to do with what happened. I donít think the captains are invalid, but surely consider that there is another more effective formula to name them. Surely we have made mistakes during this season and at other times, because it is impossible to not commit them, but as for the foundation, which is to seek the best decisions for the club and for the squad, the captains of Deportivo have a very clear conscience.

Q: You say that you have experienced the worst year of your career. You hardly counted. Is it time to change and go out?
A: Before making a decision about that, I have to know who the new coach will be and talk to him and with the officials from the club.

Q: If, finally, you go out, there are teams like Mallorca or Getafe interested in signing you. Would you hesitate to play at Segunda?
A: In case I have to leave, I donít close any door, regardless of the league. What matters to me is to have a good project, to feel important and to be able to help. That may be at Primera or Segunda.

Q: Not too long ago you extended your contract. Did you ever thought to look yourself like this one year later?
A: When I renewed I wasnít thinking about leaving, of course, but we all know how football is, both for good and for bad. The evolution of things leads you to make decisions.

Q: Among those who went to Segunda is Pablo Insua, hero in the promotion of Leganťs. Do you think the centre-back has earned a place in the future Depor?
A: I think Insua never lost the condition of suitable to discuss a central position at Deportivo, but itís a clear example that to go out and do it right helps you demonstrate the level. In any case, at these levels the decisions are moved more if a player fits better on a proposal than for a ranking of best and worst.

Q: Ten days ago Victor Sanchez was fired. What do you think of the process to find the substitute?
A: I think in this case the important thing is to hit it right. Itís a quality process rather than a quick process. And my impression in this regard is that the club is doing everything possible and is taking its time, because a very deep analysis of the situation is required. Itís the most important decision of the season, so it must be made with the utmost care.

Q: What do you ask to the new one?
A: For me the one coming must have full commitment to the club and must be very professional, beyond playing characteristics. I am sure that the one coming will have this, because all the names that are coming out fit that profile.

Q: You look for a coach able to connect with the entire squad, also with the ones that donít count.
A: That is key in managing a changing room. Itís important that all players feel plugged in, no matter they are playing or not. They should see that are part of the group for good and for bad, that they donít feel isolated.

Q: The process is in the hands of Richard Barral, after Tino Fernandez strengthen the role of the sporting director. What do you think of this change?
A: To give more importance to his figure seems a decision made by the president. As for commitment and quality of work, Richard Barral performs his functions perfectly as he knows the dynamics of the changing room, has experience... in this position, we can be at peace with him. It is more than covered.





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