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11 Jun 2016
On Friday, Gaizka Garitano was confirmed as the new coach of Deportivo. He signs for one season and lands in A Coruña with his own staff, including José Luis Ribera and Eduardo Domínguez.

Gaizka Garitano is the new coach of Deportivo. The news was confirmed on Friday after it was known that he arrived the day before in order to negotiate the terms of his contract. The Basque man is signing a one-year contract and is the fourth coach at the club after the arrival of Tino Fernández two and a half years ago.

The club also confirmed the names of the new staff. Patxi Ferreira is the new second coach, while José Luis Ribera will be his advisor and Eduardo Domínguez is the new physical trainer. The last two are well-known faces to Depor’s fans, because they were part of the club during the stage with Lotina. Ribera is also a former player of Deportivo.

The rest of the staff will continue to be the same, with Jose Ángel Franganillo as an assistant, Carlos Morales will continue to be an analyst, Manu Sotelo is the keeper’s trainer and Juan Ángel Barros is the delegate.

Garitano was presented on Friday’s afternoon at the Riazor. President Tino Fernández was welcoming him and also explained the decision of signing this coach, “The new coach of Deportivo for next season is Gaizka Garitano. We welcome him, both to the city and the club. We hope he will bring joy to the fans. His curriculum is well known and we believe that he brings the better advantages to the club.”

“We made a multidimensional analysis and many factors put him on the top of Richard Barral’s list. He was the best option and fortunately we were able to sign him. The criterion, beyond the playing style, is to have a man that loves his club, always thinking of the academy players and that’s a competitor. “ He added.

Later Garitano talked to reporters, “I want to thank Deportivo for this chance. I am grateful and happy to be in a great club like Deportivo La Coruña. We hope this will be the beginning of a good era for the club. I don’t believe in long-term goals. We can only work hard in order to be prepared for the first day, to give the best version and win the first game.”

About the fact of only signing a one-year contract, he said that’s a challenge to him, “Only one year? I don’t care. I see it as the logical thing as any coach must demonstrate his value. I see it as a challenge.”

The Basque man also talked of his style of playing, “All the coaches have preferences, but you must also look to what you have at the team. We will make a plan according to the players that we will have and will design a playing style according to what we have. I like intense teams, to press the output of the ball and to make fast transitions. I also like to train the set-pieces.”

He didn’t want to give his opinion on what happened at Deportivo at the end of the previous season, “I respect the professionals that were here before, so I will talk of Deportivo starting at this point. I won’t talk of what was done before.”

Finally, Garitano commented on the polemic words that he had towards Deportivo when he was the coach of SD Eibar, “I only defended my club. I have nothing against Depor or anyone. I believe Deportivo are doing an extraordinary work in an economic sense.”



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