14 Jun 2016
Gaizka Garitano conceded an interview to newspapers La Voz de Galicia & La Opinión A Coruña; the new coach of Depor talked of the situation of some players and what he’s planning for his squad ahead of the season 2016/17.

Q: Has surprised you that on these days it has acquired significance some of your statements two years ago in which you censured Deportivo’s debt?
A: Yes, I have been very surprised at all. Those statements were to defend a small club when we were forced to make a very unfair capital increase. Those statements weren’t against anyone in particular. I will now defend to death Depor, my club, my team. Before I defended to death Eibar and Valladolid and now I defend Depor.

Q: Do you think that it will influence what happened in the final stage of last season?
A: We'll try to make a strong group, having people pulling in the same direction, to play good football and win games. That's the biggest goal. I don’t know what has happened so far and I have to make my way since I took the team. I am not one to review what has been done previously and I have the utmost respect. From now on we will try to find a strong and cohesive group, working in the same direction and win games. It’s more or less what all the coaches want.

Q: What kind of team will the fans see starting in August?
A: We want a team with a style of game that the coach likes considering the players we have. We will have a model that will be developed, one in which everyone has things clear, but I think there isn’t a coach in the world who doesn’t say that the most important thing is the result. We will try it through our game model without forgetting our style. Before knowing this we have to see the people that will be with us, their characteristics, and later to study what will be the best way to play.

Q: Are you aware that more is expected of the team on this season?
A: Of course. It has a great merit to achieve the permanence, but at the start of the season you always have the hope of being able to end as high as possible. Then it’s true that Primera División is very hard, very complicated and there are big teams, so it costs a lot to win every game. We always have the hope to improve, to win more games and end as high as possible, but time will tell.

Q: Do you think that the tournament is more equal in the middle, that there is more chance of progress?
A: There are three or four teams that are inaccessible, then four or five who are fighting for the next positions and then another ten or twelve in which you can go and fluctuate. If you are doing things well then you can be up and if you stumble, then you can see yourself at the bottom.

Q: Does something similar occurred to you at Eibar?
A: What happened in Eibar was a miracle, it was a group of Segunda B players that were able to reach Primera División. Later the team had ten starters that, one and a half year before, were performing at Segunda B. That was the miracle and it was historical to conquer the permanence at the end. We didn’t make the same points in the second round compared to the first, but it was something historic and practically unique in the history of football.

Q: What do you think of reinforcements Çolak and Bruno Gama?
A: One of them was already here, he scored goals and the fans have good memories of him. I think it's a great signing and he can help us. And Çolak comes from doing good seasons, from playing in a big team in his country and has to show that in a stronger league he is able to play as well as there.

Q: What is for you a long and a short squad?
A: I don’t like long squads, that’s the truth. I like that everyone can have a part. What we need is quality people, not quantity, but this is a demanding competition and you also need people.

Q: Do you aspire in having two players per position?
A: We'll see. We're talking to Richard [Barral]. We must also see Depor’s economic possibilities and in this aspect we are obliged to guess right with the people that will come. And we will decide later who and how many.

Q: Are you going to talk to Victor to know more about the squad you inherited?
A: No, I don’t know him. I have seen Depor in its league games, I know all the players, didn’t see them every day, but all have spent years at Primera or Segunda and I know them well. From July 7, I will try to know them better every day.

Q: Some names from the present: Manuel Pablo.
A: I've just landed and we have to analyse each case. We have to see people who are under contract, respect them the most and talk with the ones that will stay and also with the ones that have no room on here.

Q: He has two years left on his contract, but has hardly played in recent seasons.
A: I know, but we have to talk to Richard and treat each case with ease.

Q: Luisinho.
A: I will not be the one deciding things one hundred percent, because before I came here the club was already doing a job, it has spoken to players about the idea they had and, obviously, I will decide over other aspects, but the club has been working since a while ago.

Q: How important is to see Lucas staying?
A: It's vital that he can continue with us, vital. He’s the franchise player of the team, and is very important to see him leading this project for us, for the fans, because he’s very loved, and by everyone.

Q: And Sidnei, is he equally important?
A: Evidently. We would also love to see him staying, he is one of the best players. I particularly love him and if he stays with us, then we would be delighted.

Juan Dominguez.
A: A player from the house, we know him well. This year he has not played too much and we will see how each case is.

Q: Insua.
A: I've followed him very often, I know him well, and the stage before too. This year I watched a lot about Leganés, both on TV and on the field, and has made a very good season. He is a Depor player, like everyone else.

Q: Is he prepared for Primera?
A: He has done it with Leganés having a great season. He has earned the right to play at Primera.

A: I know him from Santander. This year I've seen him with Tenerife and is a player with a great projection, he will make the pre-season with us and we will see if he can stay at the squad, or maybe he can be loaned out again.

Q: And Luis Fernández?
A: Well, the same, he has played the last phase of the season and scored goals, he is a player that we know, he has a contract and we'll talk with him.

Q: You will continue a saga of Basque coaches in recent years at Depor: Irureta, who spent seven years here, Lotina, four.
A: I don’t know if for being Basque it has something to do, but so far the Basques have been lucky in A Coruña and hopefully I can follow the same path, we can do good things at Depor, that the team can do well and that people can enjoy with it. At least, we will try hard, with enthusiasm and excitement. And then it depends on the ball going in.

Q: With whom do you identify the most?
A: Both were my coach. Irureta was with me at Athletic and Lotina at Real Sociedad. I have had them both, both good coaches.

Q: If you had to pick a virtue of both, what would be?
A: With the two of them I've learned a lot, I've been fine. Above all, Irureta was very patient, he believed to death in what he did, he was very experienced, he was quite sure about what he was doing, his methods. And from Lotina I would highlight his good management of the group with a deep knowledge. Both are good coaches.

Q: What you won’t have here is a Basque footballer at the squad...
A: The important thing is that there are people from A Coruña at the squad and I like to have people identified with the project and people from home. Obviously there must be people from outside too, but it’s also a goal that there could be people from the house.



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