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15 Jun 2016
Óscar was the player with more minutes and also the top-scorer of Fabril during the Tercera season. Juan Otero and Corredera completed the list of main scorers, while six Juvenil A players had the chance to play with the B squad.

28 player had minutes with Fabril during the Tercera season that has just ended. Winger Óscar ‘Pinchi’ García was the players with more appearances (36) and also with more minutes (3.122). Only other six players were able to xoplete 2,000 or more minutes on the pitch: midfielder Edu Expósito (2,899), winger Álex Corredera (2,630), centre-back Iago López (2,503), striker Juan Otero (2,495), midfielder/defender Santi Taboada (2,052) and left-back Lucas Viña (2,049).

Meanwhile, six lads registered as Juvenil A players had the opportunity to play at Tercera. Right-back Blas Alonso was the one with more appearances (20, 1,742 minutes) followed by centre-back Quique Fornos (15, 1,350 minutes). Then goalkeeper Ramón, left-back Álvaro Naveira, centre-back Hugo Díaz and striker Jardel had the chance to play for some minutes.

Óscar was the top-scorer at the team with 19 goal added to his tally during the regular season, Juan Otero netted 17 times and Corredera ended with 10 goals. So the trio scored 46 of the 74 goals of the team (62% of the total). Corredera was the man with more assists (6), followed by Óscar (5), Otero (5) and centre-midfielder Pol Calvet (4).

Coach Manu Mosquera normally used a 4-1-4-1 figure, which at times turned to be a 4-2-3-1. The defence is the zone that suffered the most due to the injures and also the inconsistency. David Gómez< began as the starting goalie, but his poor form pulled him to the bench and Anxo Pérez was the starter in the last stretch.

Meanwhile, Róber and Iago López were a solid couple at the centre, the latter was even important in attacks scoring 4 goals and bringing 3 assists, but the point is that both spent a lot of time out due to injury reasons, and by the end of the season the coach had to improvise and pulled Fornos from Juvenil A and complemented the spot with Taboada and at times with Canadian Sam Piette, who returned to the club during the winter window.

Something similar occurred on the sides, Fornos and Jorge Fernández were the starters at the sides during the first games, but the first was pulled back to Juvenil A, while the second suffered two injuries that sidelined him for big part of the season. Mosquera improvised with Ben Fisk on the right, but in the end Blas Alonso emerged from Juvenil A and turned to be the most pleasant surprise on the season, while Lucas Viña earned the spot on the left.

At midfield territory there were also a lot of changes throughout the season, the coach tested with Juan López and Manu Silva, but a couple of bad results pulled them out of the starting formation and then Edu Expósito and Taboada emerged as the key players in the sector. And everything changed again during the winter window, Pol Calvet and Piette arrived, so the coach started to use the 4-1-4-1 with Piette as the solo centre midfielder, while Calvet and Expósito were used in more advanced positions.

Hugo Rama improved his performance with the passage of the games, after not convincing the coach at the beginning he later earned a spot as the playmaker of the team. It was the opposite case to Corredera, who was vital and at times the most dangerous player on the pitch, but within the last ten matches he lost the spot and was always coming out from the bench.

There were high hopes with new signings Borja Domingo and Marcos Legaz, but both strikers spent more time injured and combined were only able to score three goals. So the offensive weight of the team was on the boots of Óscar and Otero, duo that definitely was the most consistent one during the season. 




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