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16 Jun 2016
Deportivo are expecting to have €23 million in the salary cap ahead of the new season. That’s an increase of 29% compared to the previous campaign. The limit to invest in signings is €20 million.

The LFP have made an initial calculation of the salary caps that the Primera clubs will have ahead of the season 2016/17. This amount comes out after calculating the distribution of the TV incomes and then rest the expenses that all the clubs will have.

It’s important to mention that these are just initial calculations after the organization revealed the distribution of the TV incomes, in the coming weeks each club should be informed about the final amounts, but it won’t differ too much of the initial calculation unless the clubs end making a big transfer like the case of Lucas Pérez.

At Deportivo the initial calculation of the salary cap is €23 million, which means an increase of 29% after the €17.8 million had on last season. This is the amount of money available to build up the first and the second team for the campaign 2016/17.

This amount includes the wages and the money that can be used for the transfer of players at the first team and Fabril. The money that the club can invest in transfer of players is limited in €20 million, though it will surely be less than that.

The salary cap should include the money invested in the signing of new coach Gaizka Garitano, but it won’t include the cancelation of the contract of Víctor Sánchez as this one was included in the salary cap of the previous season.



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