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17 Jun 2016
The club confirmed the first list of players that will be part of Deportivo B during the season 2016/17. The presence of Juan Otero isn’t confirmed yet, while Corredera and Óscar are in. Seven players were promoted from Juvenil A.

On Thursday, Deportivo announced a list of twenty players that will be part of Fabril ahead of the season 2016/17. Thirteen of them were part of the squad on the season that has just ended: goalkeepers Anxo Pérez and David Gómez, left-back Lucas Viña, midfielders Edu Expósito, Sam Piette, Pol Calvet, Manu Silva, Bamba N’Diaye and Ángel Fernández, wingers Álex Corredera and Óscar García, playmaker Hugo Rama plus striker Borja Domingo.

Then seven players are promoted from Juvenil A: centre-backs Hugo Díaz and Quique Fornos, left-back Álvaro Naveira, right-back Blas Alonso centre midfielder Alberto Leira, playmaker Pedro Gagino and attacker Jardel.

For now, the status of Róber Pier and Colombian Juan Otero is undefined. Róber has a contract with the club, but he won’t play at Tercera. The rumour is that he will be loaned out, though will start making the pre-season with the first team.

In the case of Otero, he was one of the main top-scorers together with Óscar and Corredera and left a positive impression, but he was loaned from Colombian club Fortaleza with an unspecified buyout option that expires at the end of June, and for now it isn’t clear if the club will negotiate his continuity at the club.



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