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21 Jun 2016
Sporting director Richard Barral conceded a press conference and analysed the most recent news at Deportivo, from the arrival of Garitano to the situation with the signings and exits from the first team.

Richard Barral, Depor’s sporting director, conceded a press conference on Monday’s noon (49 minutes). He said that there are no offers for Lucas, also that Luisinho remains at the door out and that some signings are about to be completed. He also said that the future of Manuel Pablo isn’t clear yet and that Insua, Saúl. Róber & Juan Domínguez could go out loaned. The following is a summary of the main things that he said.

“The board of directors asked me to prepare a lit with three coaches according to the criterion that I thought was the needed one for the new coach of Deportivo. As you already know I’m there in each training session, also traveling with the team, so I have all the information. The fans get some information, the reporters get other information and even the president only receives part of the information. I, as the sporting director, have all the information, so I considered that the coach for next season should follow a defined profile, always within our budget. I made a list of coaches fulfilling the requirements, once we had the final list we made the decision of signing Gaizka Garitano. We chose him as his characteristics coincide with the building of the squad.”

“The true is that everything was a speculation, from with whom I had meetings and who were the three finalists. It’s something I will keep for me, not even the president or Fernando Vidal were aware of my meetings. All the rumours that came out were coming from the other part or were only speculations from the media, because neither is difficult to coincide with the names. If we give ten or twelve names we will surely agree in the half, but what I can guarantee you is that each time I had a meeting only me and the other part were aware of it. I don’t think it’s ethical to talk of with whom I had meetings.”

“Manu Mosquera, as a petition coming from him, had two chances: to keep training the B squad or join the technical secretariat, so he has analysed all the aspects. We believe he is a person with a sporting criterion and highly valued inside the club. This is important as anything related in increasing our resources will allow us to have a better coverage of the market and to reach before some situations. We need to act as a team. I continue as sporting director, Ernesto Bello is the secretary, Manu Mosquera is advisor of the technical secretariat. His job is to be an analyst and later will have a relation with the club and agents.”

“The situation is the same than the one had during last press conference made by the president. Our idea is to grow up and by growing means to keep the best players. Lucas is one of the most important players. But later you have other aspects. You can have a team paying the clause, or a team making a huge offer to Lucas, and if that case comes then we must thank Lucas for everything he has gave to us. In life sometimes there are offers you cannot reject. But until now there are no offers, only rumours, News everywhere, but there aren’t real offers. He is a deportivista and is back at his home, his idea is to stay, but sometimes it’s impossible to reject some offers. Hopefully we could give a lot of money to our best players, but we are aware of the situation of the club and there’s a limit. He is content with the renewal offer, but it’s understandable if he receives a big offer.”

“We have some players that are close to sign, boy you know how football is. The one that’s closer might end going away and the one that was harder ends signing. We make a design of the squad and put in every position the players that are better according to our financial positions. In one position you can have three and in others only one candidate; no one is a first option, no one. All are valid for us. If you made the 100% of the team you wanted then you surely have a great squad, but sometimes you only sign the 80% or the 70% of the design, sometimes less. At that time you have to correct and search for second options. As example last year the percentage was high, this allowed us to make an important squad. We have been working in some signings since January or February, because it’s difficult to make a signing in only four days.”

“The president said the other day how his situation was. After everything that happened throughout the season we are attempting to complete his exit. The president was clear in this aspect. There’s a decision, but we also need to search for the best thing for the club.”

“He is a very important player to us, from the sporting sense to the social one. He is a great professional, always adding things either at the changing room or during the trainings, but we talked to him and agreed that it’s convenient to him to go out loaned in order to gain confidence and play games. So he can return to be the great player that we think he is. And if it isn’t possible then we will happy to have him. Juan Dominguez isn’t a problem to Deportivo, the opposite: he is a player for the house and a great asset. Several teams contacted us; two or three teams want him on loan, including a foreign club from a Primera league.”

“He has made a great year and it was what we wanted. He practically played all the games at Leganés having a great level. Now we have to valorise what to do. If he returns is in order to play, what we cannot do is to cut his progression, so the coaching staff, the player and us, will analyse the situation. If he doesn’t play with us then the first option is to see him playing at Primera División, because it’s a no sense to have a player that was important at Segunda staying there. So he plays here or goes back there. I have talked to him many times and the main choice is to see him playing regularly.”

“This is a subject that we and the coaching staff have to decide, and they just came in. They still have to make decisions about some players. As you know Manuel Pablo has two more years of contract, and we have to analyze all the situations.”

“I can say anything, but won’t refer to internal issues. If you have a problem you need to talk about it, so it won’t become bigger. In this sense we always did this, with Víctor the relation was always good. I believe that during the pre-season we were working together with the signings and the relation was spectacular, all year long. It was good and we didn’t have a problem. Later, with the last developments, the things that occurred within the last three weeks affected everything. Some things came out in the media, the decisions made before the game with Villarreal, the decisions made before facing Real Madrid, plus the famous press conference and I thought that decisions needed to be made. I considered that it was necessary and it was my decision, it was me who told the board of directors. I also assume the election of the three candidates to replace him. I assume the responsibility with the exit of the coach and the arrival of the new one, because I consider that we couldn’t continue like that ahead of next season, and that’s because I have all the information. Víctor fulfilled the goal, he worked at the top, but right now we need something else.”

“It’s a possibility. We search to sign players for the future. He is a player doing great at Segunda. The situation in a financial way is an advantage to us. We will decide about his signing, but for now it isn’t done. It’s one more possibility.”

“These players need to be analyzed by the coaching staff. We will make a decision. Things are pretty clear to us at the club, but the coaching staff also has a word on this. We will talk with the coach, they just arrived and we have been talking about several things, but not this subject. We always consult the signing with the coach, but there’s a design made by the club.”

“Yes there were contacts with some players that were loaned on here. We were interested in their continuity, but either their clubs count with them or their return was difficult due to an economic issue. We will fight, but it’s difficult.”

“When you come from Segunda División you make a plan and try to sign seven or eight starters, on the following season you only try to sign four and so on until a point in which you only need one more signing. This is the growing process that we want. If an important percentage of our design is accomplished then there’s no doubt that the quality will be better. The competence is big and also the difficulty, that’s why we spent the full year trying to close an operation. I believe the major part of the squad will be ready for July 7, but I consider that at least one important player will be missing.”

“It’s a shared property. I cannot talk of the percentages due to an stipulation in the contract, but what I can tell you that is that we don’t have the priority to decide if he will be sold or not, it’s a matter of the percentage that we owe. Our idea is to keep him and all the important players. It’s our wish, but if the decision to sell him is made then there’s nothing we can do.”

“It’s not defined yet. The financial director of la liga gave us the estimation. As soon as the cap is completed then we will inform about it.”

“He’s a player of the club that will join the pre-season.”

“We cannot talk yet of who will be the coach. There’s a director of the base, Albert Gil, he will make his valorisations and we will inform when we decide who the coach will be.”

“The first idea is to see Óscar making the pre-season with the first team. This was his first year at Fabril after playing at Juveniles, so logically he is new, while Róber practically spent the full season with the first team, playing the Cup and always matching a great level, so we consider that he must make a step forward, and after the seasons he has made with the B squad we consider that Tercera isn’t good to him. In case of not staying at the first team the idea to see him [Róber] playing at Segunda División. We have high hopes with him.”

“He made a great job, but was only loaned the half of the season. He fulfilled the expectations and will join the pre-season. The coaching staff will decide. The idea is to see him staying at the first team, but if we see that he will only have a few minutes on here then we will talk. What we cannot do is to have young people stopped, because in the end you lose a player that’s yours.”

“It’s a subject already decided. It’s true that we will have three keepers. We have been talking with them since some months ago. Surely we will try to sign them in property, at least one of them. My opinion is that the three of them will be in property. We already have Lux, the second will be like that, right now I have doubts with the third, but I think it could be in property.”

“Since we travel to Uruguay and Brazil the idea is to make the rest at Abegondo, for the days with two training sessions they are valorising the possibility of seeing the players eating here, but later they will go home for the night.



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