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24 Jun 2016
The club presented the socios campaign for the new season. The prices for the games are the same of the previous season, there are novelties and the “day of the club” rule has been eliminated.

Deportivo presented an impressive renewal campaign for the socios ahead of the season 2016/17. It’s impressive for the fact of keeping last years’ prices plus adding some benefits for the public. The campaign was launched on Thursday by Martin Pita, one of the advisors of president Tino Fernández.

There’s also a video promotion of the campaign that can be watched in Youtube. Also, all the information regarding the prices and conditions for the subscribers can be found in canaldeportivo.

The campaign is divided in two parts. Starting on June 23 and until August 10, all the old socios plus the new ones can complete their subscriptions paying the same prices of the previous season. Then, starting on August 11, the prices will suffer a 10% increase.

The annual fees are going from the €180 (Pabellón Inferior) to the €595 (Tribuna Superior). One of the main surprises is that the club eliminated the “day of the club” rule. This rule is used by the major part of the clubs in Spain and consists in charging an extra income to the socio in order to attend to highly anticipated games like the visits of Real Madrid, Barcelona or the Copa matches.

Now, all the Depor’s socios can attend to the 38 league meetings plus the ones in Copa without paying an extra fee for specific games (the club used the day of the club rule in the past two years). The subscription also allows the socio to attend to the games of the academy teams and now for the recently created Depor ladies team.

There are also discounts for specific groups like a 30% deduction for students, 20% discount for disable people and 30% discount for unemployed socios. Also, the socio amigo program still on, which allows the socio to pay a small fee (€50) in order to attend to one single game (not including the games with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Celta).

Another advantages for the socios are discounts at the Depor Tienda store (5%), a 50% discount in the subscription of the basketball team of the city (Basket Coruña) and the preference to purchase tickets for the away games.

During the press conference Martin Pita also confirmed that some improvements will be made to the Riazor stadium, like upper deck railings, new seats and artificial turf on the athletic tracks. He also informed that, together with sponsor Louzao, the club will give away a Mercedes-Benz A-Class to one socio that can attend to all the games to be played at the Razor during the new season.



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