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25 Jun 2016
It wasn’t a good season for the academy teams, despite achieving some good results, the general balance was negative and the club is already making changes ahead of next campaign.

It cannot be said that the season 2015/16 was a total failure for Deportivo’s academy, after all this judgment depends on the evolution of the players and their possibility to join the first team in future campaigns. But what can be said that the academy teams seem to be stuck since some time ago.

It all starts with Deportivo B, side that has failed to achieve the promotion to Segunda B in two straight promotion playoffs.  Truly the Tercera group in Galicia is much more complex than in previous years, time when Fabril were easily dominating the group, but within the last five years the team always left the impression of not matching the level that they should have.

It has been also criticized the fact that the club has brought players from the outside that hasn’t made any impact, and that instead these signings cut the progression of the players competing at Juveniles. There are even foreign players like Bamba N’Diaye and Ben Fisk that didn’t have an important participation and that opened big question marks about the signing’s process. What the club has done so far is to move the last two coaches to the sporting direction.

The problems are also present at younger teams, Juvenil A were unable to win the group at División de Honor during this season despite the poor start of Celta A and ended fifth at the standings, once again showing a poor performance in the second round unable to surpass the reaction of other community’s teams like Racing Club, Real Oviedo and Sporting Gijón. The team was even unable to qualify for the Copa Del Rey. This team is considered as the biggest failure of the academy and will also change the coach.

Cadete A also had a disappointing season. After winning the national championship two years ago, the team only ended second at División de Honor within the last two campaigns –nothing extraordinary taking in mind that inly Galician teams compete there- For the season 2015/16 they were inferior before a powerful Celta A, team that won 33 of the 34 league games, including the one during the last matchday at Abegondo (1-2).

This situation has moved the club to make changes, during the week sporting director Richard Barral said that it’s too soon to talk of these changes, but the rumor is that the first changes are related to the coaches for the first four teams at the academy.

It’s expected that Cristóbal Parralo (Depor B), Rubén Coméndez (Juvenil A), Pablo López (Juvenil B) and Javi Álvarez (Cadete A) are going to be named in the coming weeks. About other changes more related to the organization, Alberto Gil Gálvez will continue as the director of the academy and the plan is to professionalize the teams.

Until two years ago the coaches of the academy didn’t have a professional contract and were only paid for hours. And since then the plan is to give a contract to these coaches, their assistants and to have a physical trainer at every team. Some teams already have this, like the case of Deportivo B, but the plan is to complete this for the eleven teams at the academy ahead of next season.



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