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27 Jun 2016
The female team of Deportivo will start to work on July 17. Manu Sánchez is the coach and for now the club is negotiating with the players that will start to compete at Segunda División.

The historic relaunch of the female team at Deportivo will take place on July 17. The major part of the process remains undone, but there are several details that are already public. On Sunday newspaper La Voz de Galicia revealed part of the plans.

Starting with the fact that the coach is already decided: Manu Sánchez. He is the former coach and former sporting director of SD Orzán, the club that’s merging with Deportivo in order to have a female team competing at Segunda División.

The knowledge of Sánchez is one of the bases in the building of the team, actually he is the one that’s currently negotiating with the players that will sign for Deportivo. The other two key men in the process are Pablo Pereiro and Albert Gil, the first is the manager of the female team and the second is the academy director.

For now, the club hasn’t made any official announcement about the players that will compose the team, but according to La Voz de Galicia there’s already a verbal agreement with twelve of them. Between 6 and 8 are coming from SD Orzán, the rest are coming from the outside, including some that were international players with Spain in youth levels; in any case the 100% of the players will be Galician, with the major part of them of them coming from the A Coruña province.

Meanwhile, The B squad will be composed by at least 14 players from SD Orzán and the club already launched a training camp for the gals, some them will be part of the B team that will compete at Primera Gallega. The goal of the club is to reach the Primera División in one year (first team) and remain at Primera Gallega (second team).

It calls the attention the level of professionalization at the female teams, something that isn’t too common in female football. All the players at the first team will have professional contracts, which means that they will be open to train every day (At Orzán they don’t train every day as the major part of the ladies study or have jobs). The club is even planning to have a full coaching staff for the first team, which includes a second coach, a physical trainer, a physiotherapist and a keeper’s coach.

Despite the idea is to have players that could be able to train every day, in the regular season the plan is to have three training sessions during the weeks, one of them at Abegondo and two in A Grela, pitch where’s expected to play the official games.

The club will try to equal the importance of the female teams and the male ones, for this reason the club arranged a double feature for the Teresa Herrera with Depor ladies facing Villarreal female in one of the finals, and the players from the female team will also be part of the public acts, like the upcoming presentation of the kits for the new season.



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