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30 Jun 2016
On Wednesday Juan Dominguez conceded a press conference and explained the decision of leaving Deportivo in order to play loaned at RCD Mallorca.

Juan Dominguez said good-bye to the fans during a press conference held on Wednesday’s evening. He explained the reasons why he accepted to play loaned at RCD Mallorca and also that he is expecting to return ahead of the campaign 2017/18.

The midfielder started explaining how was made the decision about leaving, “Garitano believes that this is the best moment to leave and thus recover confidence.  I believe this is going to be only a pause. If I go out loaned it is because I will like to return. The president also talked to me, I can only thank everybody. These people are the ones that bet on me.”

“I believe this is the right time to go out, this has been the correct decision. The three parties agree on this: the club, the coach and I. During last season I barely had minutes and, at my age, it isn’t good for me and neither for the club to be stopped. It is time to try something new, so I can be a good player in the future.” He added.

Later he explained why he chose the offer from RCD Mallorca, “Mallorca were interested since January, at that point I had the first contact. Later the contact continued during the summer. I always saw this option as attractive. The idea is to return in one year. Fernando Vázquez called me as he wanted to count with me, that he will love to have me at his team. For the sporting project and for the staff, I believe the project of Mallorca was the best option for me. The presence of Fernando Vázquez had a big weight. I know he is a coach that likes my football.”

“I am expecting to meet a team in which I can have a starring role, evidently no one will give this for free as I will have to earn it during the training sessions, and since that point I have to work hard and aspire to the maximum, which is the promotion for Mallorca. They have the structure and the squad for that goal. I am content and hopeful.” He added. 




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