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08 Jul 2016
New boss Gaizka Garitano conceded his first press conference and assured that next signings are expected for next week, starting with a centre-back. He also left an open door to see Luisinho staying.

On Thursday Gaizka Garitano conceded his first press conference as a Depor’s coach, just before the team completed the first training session in the pre-season. He talked for eighteen minutes and analysed several subjects, from the new signings to the situation with Luisinho. The following is a summary of the main things said by the Basque man.

“A couple of weeks ago I talked to him on the phone and later I did it personally. A big player is leaving, both for of Depor and Spanish football, someone admired by everyone. He is a great guy and in the end we discussed that the best was to see him in other functions, because he wants to remain attached to football, and since he didn’t play too much on last year, plus seeing that he was going to be the third side defender, you can give that role to someone that’s younger, and for someone that deserves the highest respect the best thing was to see him in other role, and he accepted. We wish him luck.”

“They completed the medicals during the morning and in the afternoon we will gather the group. I talked with some players now, and with others during the summer for different motives. The daily work begins today.”

“Everything is normal for now. It isn’t easy to sign for players; especially when you are in disadvantage in a financial sense; then you need to do the right things and have patience. We are still missing some people, but I believe that some players are close to arrive and surely we will have new signings for next week. I’ve patience, because I’m aware that this is a place where you need patience. This is a club that fights for players and we’re in inferior conditions. I don’t like large squads, I still want to see if all the players will stay, then we will know how many players we are missing. In any case it isn’t a big number. As example a centre-back, I am expecting for a one centre-back on next week.”

“I know them from watching the videos, later I will meet them personally. Bruno Gama is a player that you already know. He spent two wonderful years on here, he can play at both wins and has scored goals. He is a quality players and we expect to see the same performance. Emre Çolak was playing asa centre midfielder all year long, he can also play on the right wing. He is a quality player. You already know Tytoń for his stage at Elche. He is a good keeper, despite the relegation he will help us in a position that needed reinforcements. Rubén the same, he completes the list of three keepers. The fact of not having a B squad higher than Tercera División is forcing us to have three keepers. The most logical thing is to have a third keeper due to the injuries and also for having the B squad at Tercera. And Borja Valle is a playmaker that can perform on the left wing, I know him pretty well and we will see, he is a player under special circumstances, because we want to see if he can get a spot at the first team or if he has to go out loaned.”

“There are players that I want to see and later will be making decisions. Fayçal, Borges and Insua have some extra days of vacation, with Pablo our valorisation is high, beyond behind from this house. For us he will be our centre-back for the next ten years, but we need to decide if now, starting at minute 1, or if starting on next year. He is completing his formation process and it will be fine if he goes out again.”

“In the end he’s a player under contract and is a valid option for the coaching staff, at least in a sporting sense. Apart from that, it is a subject of the club; I cannot say too much about it. He is one more player and under the same circumstances than the rest. The days will say if he stays or leaves. Anything is possible in football and I am not the only one that will make this decision. Everybody starts from zero with me beginning at 6PM, and everybody must earn their place, later the club has to make decisions and I don’t influence on this. For me it isn’t a problem; I just want to have good players.”

“The plan is to train as much as we can and to rest as much as we can. The plan of traveling to Guitiriz wasn’t done not because Guitiriz wasn’t a good place, but because it means thirty more minutes on the road, which means one and a half hours at the car, and it isn’t functional. We need to work a lot and rest as much as possible. Normally what we will do is to train in the morning, have a meal in A Coruña and later rest at home in order to return to work. I prefer to see the players sleeping at home than to be all concentrated in one place.”

“Hopefully he can continue; all the sectors at the club, from the board and the president to the coaching staff, have said that we want him to stay, and I know that it is a player that the fans love a lot. He already has our love and already felt it. We only hope that he can stay. There’s a release clause and I assume the club will only negotiate starting at that point.”

“Any coach will tell you that we don’t like these tours. It goes against the preparation of any professional player, but it’s necessary. So, instead of complaining we must think that we will have a nice experience, it will help us to strengthen the group and play games. I asked if the tour was important for the club and when they told me that yes, then I decided that we should do it. In the end it is only one week. The major part of the clubs do it.”

“It’s something we will see. We have Álex and Laure, two of the captains from last season, someone will join them, maybe one or two. I don’t think it’s too important. I want to know the players first, I want to see their character. It’s not so important for me.”

“The club had an idea when I arrived and I think it was good. It’s one step behind the case with Insua and you need to valorise if you want him to stay at the B squad, the problem is that the team didn’t’ get the promotion, and for me it is a step backwards to stay at Tercera, so the best was to search for a place elsewhere.”




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