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09 Jul 2016
The good-bye of Manuel Pablo took place on Friday at the press room of Abegondo. The Canarian explained that he wanted to continue playing, but that was aware that he was going to have little chances in the new season.

A smiling Manuel Pablo attended to the press room on Friday in order to say good-bye to the public. The whole team, coaching staff and even some club’s employees were there too. The Canarian veteran explained that he decided to leave during these days, though he had a hint about it since the last game against Real Madrid.

He started his good-bye saying that, “I knew the moment was going to arrive. I’m happy for everything that I tried to achieve, for all the support from my team mates. I am also content for what’s starting for me. I am still learning and am disoriented at this point [he laughed] but I know that I like this. I feel the passion and this is a new phase.”

The right-back explained why he decided to leave the game now, “You always have that competitive gen, but I can tell you that I had the support from my partners. I knew that, possibly, I wasn’t going to play so often, then I talked to the coach and I believe he clearly explained things to me. I will always like the day by day, but I will remain close to all of that.”

About his new role at the club, Manuel Pablo confessed that he isn’t too sure about what he is going to do, “I still have to find my place. I am learning and want to help, as I did it on the field. In the beginning I will be close to Richard [Barral], and I must learn of how the coach and the players work. I feel love for all of this and will try to help.”

He later explained how it was decided his departure after taking to Gaizka Garitano, “I talked to the coach on the phone and I knew there wasn’t going to be any problem, that everything was going to be fast and fine, the same with the club. Later everything was easier talking in person. I am here in order to help. I knew we weren’t going to have any problem. It was something that I sensed since ending the last game [against Real Madrid].”

The Canarian said that he doesn’t feel sorry for not accepting a tribute in the last liga game with Real Madrid, “No. I don’t repent. I knew this could happen, but I didn’t like how that that week was, I didn’t feel identified. I didn’t like what happened on that week. I am content with the good-bye that I am having right now with my partners.”

He also joked about his bet with Valerón about who was going to retire first, “Yes, off course [he laughed] I was trying to pass him. He is old than me and tried to reduce the years with a couple of more days as a professional [he laughed].”

Asked about his feelings for retiring in front of his team mates, he commented that,  “For me it is a privilege to be with them. I lived good and worse days with them. I always tried to help the club and we had to suffer in the tough moments, hopefully better times will arrive. I lived a good part of my career at the club and I’m proud for been able to put the club back at Primera. Hopefully we can advance little by little and return to be a reference in Spain.”
Then the veteran man was asked about his best memories at Deportivo, and he confessed that it was the last promotion, “There are many moments, the liga for example. Maybe to win titles is the best, but I always said that, for me, the most difficult one was the last promotion. The club was in a compromised situation, we too. I remember that, for the pre-season we were only ten, many young people, and it affected us. But with the maximum demand we knew the club was in a complicate situation and that we needed the promotion, and that was the proudest moment for me, for the difficulty that we were facing and we achieved it.”

He said that the best thing was always the love that he felt at Deportivo, “For me the club was always close with the employees, very human. At least with me it was always like that, from president Lendoiro to Tino. They trusted me and I must thank them for the confidence. I always tried to help and for me things never changed.”

The Canarian man refused the idea that Deportivo are closing a chapter with his departure, “No, there isn’t any chapter that’s closing. The club remains and will continue growing. We are trying to build up a base to continue making things.”

A journalist asked if he is going to play in the Teresa Herrera as the club announced that he is going to be honoured during the game with Villarreal, and the answer was, “I don’t know. We haven’t talked yet. A month is remaining. The president and the coach have to talk and surely I will be more than happy to play the game.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo had a last comment for everyone, “Only to thank all my partners, my family, and all the employees that were here for many years. The presidents and also Las Palmas, club that saw me growing. And to the fans, I always tried to be a man of the club, I tried to help and always felt loved in A Coruña. I only want to transmit that love to the fans, nothing more.”



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