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10 Jul 2016
Emre Çolak conceded his first press conference at Deportivo. The Turkish said that he is feeling comfortable after the first days of training and that he is impatient about debuting with the team.

First press conference by Emre Çolak. He needed a translator as he cannot speak Spanish yet [he was talking in Turkish]. He started commenting his first impressions of the club, “The first thing that I wanted to see was how the partners were going to treat me. This is my first experience outside my country, because I worked for fourteen years at Galatasaray and this is the first time I am in a different team. They treated me really well and I feel fine.”

“I believe I signed for a strong side in Spain; after all it is a club that has won the league. It’s very important for me to be able to play in la liga. I cannot wait to go out to the Riazor wearing the shirt of Deportivo. I’m happy as very important players have played on here. Hopefully I can leave my footprints as other historic players did, like Rivaldo, Bebeto and Djalminha… Valerón.” He added.

Later he was explaining the difference that he has found compared to Turkey, “The game is more developed, because it is more a passing game. In Turkey the game is harder, there’s more fight, while in here the game is more a matter of a team.”

The winger was unable to train during Saturday’s session due to a toe injury, but he explained that is a minor thing, “It isn’t something serious. It was the first time that I am wearing these kinds of boots. There isn’t a problem and surely on Monday I will be able to train.”

A journalist asked what’s his preferred position on the pitch, and the player answered that, “I like to play behind the striker, but in Galatasaray I also played at both wings and also ahead of the defence.”

About his first impressions with coach Garitano, the comment was, “I investigated his past and I saw that he made good years in Eibar. He’s a young coach and I believe that we are hunger in order to succeed and hope that we all together can achieve important things. He is always interested in me, he is always asking me things and I appreciate it.”

Finally, Çolak said that he’s learning Spanish as he’s conscious that it is a problem for the lack of communication with his partners, “For me it is the biggest problem, the language, but I already have a teacher and hope to learn Spanish as soon as possible. In two or three months I will have the needed level in order to communicate with others.”



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