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11 Jul 2016
Raul Albentosa talked to La Voz de Galicia and explained why he decided to sign for Depor. Also, the media in English revealed some details in the transfer of the centre-back.

Newspaper Derby Telegraph informed that Depor are paying £1 million [€1.17 million] plus add ons for Raúl Albentosa. In the meantime, the Valencian player talked on the phone with newspaper La Voz de Galicia and he explained some details of his signing for Deportivo.

The defender was explaining that his relation with Garitano and his coaching staff pushed him to join Depor, “In Eibar I spoke twice with Gaizka, the day that I arrived, and then the day that I left, but we always had a good relation. He has been in touch with me during all these weeks. I told him that, if I wouldn’t stay in Málaga, then I would join him at Depor. Garitano was the cause of my signing, he took me to the elite.”

“With Patxi [Patxi Ferreira, Garitano’s assistant] I have a very good relation. When my son was born, he came to see me and things like this demonstrate how people are and in the end you end up convinced, because you go anywhere you feel wanted. Now it’s up to me to respond to the bet they are making and give everything for Depor, because they demonstrated that they want me.” He added.

Later he was explaining that he chose to sign for Depor despite having better offers, “I am 27, almost 28. I have a boy and a girl is coming. This is the moment to valorise everything. I had several offers, some of them for more money compared to what I will collect on here, but for me the sporting subject is important and I liked the project that Barral explained to me. He explained that they want to build up a solid group in the long term, it is attractive and surely it will work.”

Finally, Albentosa praised the current project of Deportivo, “Things are made there little by little, but with a cold mind. Depor’s situation was difficult a while ago and it seems they are trying to change things. Off course, they are making a strong bet for me. They bought my rights and the English club made things even harder.”



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