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14 Jul 2016
President Tino Fernández talked for an hour during the presentation of an agreement with the peñas. He responded to the criticism of José Ramón and also talked of signings.

On Wednesday, Deportivo and the federation of peñas presented a third collaboration agreement, this ahead of the season 2016/17. President Tino Fernández commented about the relation with the peñas that, “Today we are presenting a third agreement with the federation of peñas, the party continues as the season is starting. We already have a petition of three new peñas, so the current campaign is working out.”

“Last year we had an average of 30 peñas traveling for the games and 5,948 socios that made the trip with the team. The game with the biggest number of peñas was for the visit to Barcelona with 65. We have 170 official peñas registered in our books, 13 of them are new. The campaign of socios is working as we planned. We have 129 more socios than last year at this stage, a small number, but it’s important. We are happy with the new campaign; the appointments in the web are helping to avoid problems to the socios.” He added.

Then the president of the federation of peñas, Tania Gómez, commented that, “I am happy with the numbers presented by the club, it make us feel proud as it means a lot of work. For us it’s critical the support of the clubs at the moment of making the trips and we want to thank them. We are signing a new agreement with the club and we are changing some things, but we will keep the same spirit. We can only thank the club for helping us at the moment of making the trips. Our goal for next year is to keep traveling with the team.”

But what was calling the attention between journalists was the response that Tino Fernández could give to the polemic declarations of José Ramón at Sportpaper AS. The former coach of Juvenil A complained that Abegondo was a mere joke as there isn’t an order, he even denounced that he was the one making the job of others as he was providing the methods of training, and also complaining that he was forced to give the lineups to Albert Gil 48 hours before the games, Gil is the director of the academy and was hammered by José Ramón as he was described as a person that was only exploiting the club. Another person attacked by José Ramón was José Luis Devesa. the former coach of Juvenil A and Fabril that’s currently working at the sporting direction.

The president, upset by these declarations, commented that he is aware that nothing is perfect, but denied that the work done at Abegondo isn’t useful, “We meet these declarations (Jose Ramón) saying that Abegondo was a joke. I deny the idea. In any case a complaint against any person will be analysed, no matter is a socio of someone loving Deportivo. José Ramón never presented his reports. Devesa says that he doesn’t have any report from him. If this report that he says it was presented to Devesa appears then Devesa will be fired, but if not I hope he will ask apologies. Any denounce should be made at the proper time, not when you are ending your time at the club. If I don’t like what’s going on then I stand up and go away. The methodology isn’t unique, and I can tell you that all our people have a proper methodology. Albert Gil controls the private reports of the players, which are presented by Christmas and by the end of the season. He (Jose Ramón) also talks of giving lineups previously to the games, and that’s true. All the clubs do that. It’s what we do as the director of the academy can see things and change rosters according to who was picked or who wasn’t. This has nothing to do with an irregular behaviour as it was pointed out.”

Then Fernández listed a series of things that have bene improved when he tried to prove the point that Abegondo is growing and showing results, “We have doubled the investment in the academy, including employees and coaches. We have normalized the status of the employees. The 100% of the coaches have a high degree, third degree as coaches, also the second coaches. We have improved the control and the benefits for the players, so this isn’t a joke as it was said. We are also increasing our competition in other countries; we passed from competing in 30 tournaments to double the number. The campus was a great idea of the previous board, and we have improved this, including a campus in Geneva with 1,000 kids. We have also improved the fields; we invested money in improving things, including €200,000 in the changing room and the clinic. There’s a lot of work that has been done. We even had to pay in advance for the new goals. We are busy trying to form players and launch them to professional football. We aren’t saying that we won’t change things, but the things that I am reading aren’t true. I don’t accept all the things that have been said. Yes, there are negative things and I won’t allow this to happen.” He added.

Later the president talked of the situations with the arrivals and exits from the team. The following is a summary of the main things said by Tino Fernández.

Luisinho: “I don’t have anything to add to what the coach said about Luisinho, neither will add anything to what I said previously, so everything remains the same.”

Juanfran:  “Juanfran arrives loaned with a buyout option that depends in the number of matches that he plays. The buyout option isn’t an obligation and we can talk more of the case when the season is over.”

Albentosa: “The agreement for Albentosa limits us to talk about amounts [the transfer], but the numbers are low, as everything regarding out financial situation.”

Pending signings:  “We are interested in signing three or four more players, a centre midfielder, a winger and a striker, maybe two. I believe we will sign four more.”

Marlos Moreno: “I cannot say anything.  We only announce things when the papers are done.”

Lucas: “My feeling and desire is to see him staying. We presented a renewal offer to his agent and we are waiting, it will turn him into a legend at the club. We are expecting to see for a big Deportivo. I desire that nothing will appear regarding an offer, and that’s the reality. I understand that Lucas will improve his contract.”

Insua and Sidnei: “It’s an option that we are working with his agent and Leganés, we will see if this is materialized. We are talking about it. If Insua goes out to Leganes it will be after signing a new contract, there’s no doubt about it. We thing of Insua for the future, because for us it is clear that this is the last year of Sidnei at Depor and we want Insua to be his successor, though you cannot be sure until the last day in the market.”



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