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18 Jul 2016
Three new signings are official, while three lads are leaving. The Tercera tournament begins on August 21 with a special game against SD Compostela.

Deportivo B began on last week the pre-season 2016-17. On next Saturday the team will play the first friendly against SD Silva, while the Galician federation already made the draw for the Tercera season. Depor B will begin at home facing SD Compostela (August 21). It’s a big game between two of the favourite sides to lie among the first four places.

In the meantime, coach Cristobal Parrolo is completing his squad, the club has made three new signings, while three lads already left. The player going out are centre midfielders Santi Taboada and Sam Piette, plus goalkeeper Javi Ortega.

The signings made are goalkeeper Alex Cobo Padillo (21), centre-back Arnau Campeny Gorchs (19) and striker Borja Galán González (23), besides Argentine striker Marcos Legaz signed a one-year renewal and will stay at the team. Before the team had signed midfielder Jorge Carreón, so four new arrivals have been completed during the summer window.

The bad news is that centre-midfielder Manú Silva suffered a serious knee injury during one of the first sessions on the pre-season and needed surgery, so he will miss the full campaign. The team is currently composed b 25 lads:

Goalkeepers:Anxo, David Gómez & Álex Cobo.
Defenders: Álvaro Naveira, Lucas Viña, Hugo Díaz, Quique Fornos, Blas Alonso & Aranu Campeny.
Midfielders: Edu Expósito, Manú Silva, Pol Calvet, Álex Corredera, Hugo Rama, Alberto Leira, Óscar ‘Pinchi’ García, Pedro Gagino, Bamba, Ángel Fernández, Pancho Cotos & Carreón.
Attackers: Borja Domingo, Jardel, Marcos Legaz & Borja Galán.



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