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19 Jul 2016
The latest signing of Deportivo, Guilherme dos Santos, completed the medicals on Monday. He is happy for having the chance to play in Spain and for following the footsteps of Mauro Silva.

Guilherme dos Santos completed the medicals on Monday and in the afternoon he joined the team for his first training session. It was known that the Brazilian will get an Italian passport before the start of la liga, so he won’t count as a foreign player.

The midfielder talked to the media after completing the medicals; he explained his expectations at Depor and expressed his satisfaction for joining the club, “My expectations are to be able to play. I am very happy for been here, it is a dream to be able to play in the Spanish league and to join a great team.”

He was asked about the buyout option in his contract, but he only commented that, “The goal is also to do a good job, a good season, so I can continue on next year. I will try to do my best in order to have opportunities.”

A journalist asked if the midfielder can describe himself as a player, and the response was, “I am a centre midfielder with good passing skills; I participate a lot in the game and can shot from outside the area.”

Last season he barely played at Udinese due to the injuries and the player explained what happened to him, “I suffered a couple of contusions that were serious cases, it was an adductor problem; that’s why I spent so many time outside the group.”   

Finally, Guilherme was asked about Mauro Silva, who was also born in São Paulo, “He was a great player; he played a lot on here. I cannot compare with him [he laughed], but hopefully I can do the same things that he did on here.”



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