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21 Jul 2016
The club presented the images of the three new kits; all of them are inspired in the past as the club is celebrating 110 years of history.

Deportivo have presented within the last two weeks the first images of the kits for the season 2016/17. The presentation ended on Wednesday with the club presenting the pic of the first kit. All of them are inspired in the fact that Depor are celebrating 110 years of history, for this reason the kits have a “retro” design.

The legend for the first kit is “Branquiazul Ø6Ø7 “ and the main characteristic is that there are only three frames, two of them are white and the other, at the centre, is blue. This is inspired in the style used in the shirt used between the years 1967-1973, a similar style was used in the campaigns 1998/99 and 2001/02.

The second kit uses the legend “Sentimento 2016” and is the same second kit of last year, with the Galician flag in the shirt, with the novelty that the sleeves are black with light blue details. The short and the socks continue to be white.

Then the third kit o the most “retro” one; actually it’s similar to the kit used by Deportivo in its first presentation in 1906. The legend used is “Equipamento Orixe 1906” (origin 1906) and is a grey uniform that even have a retro version of the Estrella Galicia logo.

The three third kits are already available at the Deportienda.



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