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24 Jul 2016
The coach of Depor ladies conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña. He explained the decision to take charge of the team and the preparations ahead of the debut in the Teresa Herrera.

Q: How was completed your arrival to Deportivo?
A: I received a direct call from the sporting management and they explained the project that they wanted for Deportivo’s women football.

Q: What was the fact that attracted you?
A: That it is a real project, not a team with a badge. I see there’s seriousness and a firm beat for women football.

Q: Were you surprised with the level of the girls shown in clinics or did you expect more?
A: The true is that I saw that all of them are fine. I think the level is progressing from year to year. Galician women football is taking the right steps. It’s recovering ground to other communities, such as Catalonia and Asturias. They have a lot of advantage.

Q: You also hosted a female campus.
A: Yes. The true is that many girls signed up. It was a total success. We had 84 girls playing football wearing the colors of Depor.

Q: Was it difficult to build up the squad?
A: Yes. And it remains to be difficult, because it isn’t closed yet. We must be open to possible additions; we don’t want to close anything yet. It was a bit complicated, because the fact that Deportivo are calling you is a stimulus for girls, but we had to join the project and reality in the short term.

Q: What were your feelings after the first pre-season training?
A: Very positive. On that first day I liked to see the hope on the players, I liked to see them raring. The true that I’m very happy.

Q: What means the emergence of Depor in the world of women football?
A: I think it was necessary for a professional club to make the step to create a serious and strong structure plus to bet in women game. No team among the current ones in A Coruña could face a tournament in Primera División in case of arriving to the top. Only a professional club like Deportivo can bet in something like this.

Q: So, is your goal the promotion to the top flight?
A: It's clear that yes, we will fight for the promotion. We cannot deny it, this is Depor and all teams have to start their competitions with the greatest goal. We cannot have a limit at the start.

But always with both foot on the ground, right?
A: Yes. We must be realistic, this is a project that was born from zero and you have to combine many things. Being the first year, we have added difficulties compared to other teams, but we cannot give up anything and the objective must be to bring Deportivo to Primera Division in the shortest possible space of time. For that reason we will train.

Q: The team will play in the field of A Grela, what do you pretend with that?
A: The idea is to bring the team to the city and Depor’s fans. It should be feasible that people can see them, and that’s A Coruña.

Q: Is it important that support?
A: Of course, especially now that we are starting. It’s important that the girls feel supported or, as I say, that they can feel part of Depor.

Q: The debut is taking place in the Teresa Herrera on August 9 against Villarreal, are you already working it during the trainings?
A: Yes. The first thing we want is to reach that stage in the best possible conditions. The dimensions of the Riazor are important and the girls are not used to that or to the natural grass surface. We are focusing the trainings on that. Also, we are preparing contents so we will arrive in minimum conditions for the competition.



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