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29 Jul 2016
Depor’s coach addressed the media on Thursday; he talked of the state of the squad after returning from Uruguay and also gave his opinion after signing Florin Andone and Carles Gil.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Thursday. He is happy for the signings of Carles Gil and Florin Andone. He announced that next week the coaching staff will define the players going out on loan. The following is a summary of the things said by the coach.

“It isn’t a pleasant a trip and later the conditions aren’t the same ones that we have on here, but in the end it was a positive trip. We didn’t suffer injuries and worked at the top there, though it’s always better to train at Abegondo.”

“No, his injury was sustained on here. He got injured at Abegondo. He was dragging issues in the adductor muscle, but he’s better and should be training with us during next week.”

“The team is still missing things, just like all the teams. We are only uploading concepts and until fifteen days before starting we will define what we want. Now we are managing the physical display of the players.”

“We did good things in that game [against Peñarol], others must be improved. We are playing with that draw and are trying to use both systems, always with the same idea, but with two systems. We will decide what the best is, the important thing is to have a main one and a variant to be used when we need it, always having in mind the players that we are going to have.”

“He [Andone] is a player that I like; he is coming from been the best striker at Segunda División; he has spent years evolving and already played at Primera División looking fine. He is young and is progressing. About Gil, he didn’t make a proper pre-season in England, but will be fine. He’s an attacker that can add things. Carles arrived with more pace, but Andone is starting from zero, for that reason he won’t play in the next two friendlies, because he will be training in the morning and in the afternoon. “

“I hope that Lucas can stay and I don’t know who is going to play. I am more a coach preferring the players than having a system in the head, and if we have two very good strikers then we will play with both. I said it before and that’s the idea.”

“You have to ask the club. In this case it was a hierarchy that I got. I try to take out the best of the players that they gave me. It is the club who must decide if he stays or leave.”

“I have a clear idea of the team that I want, but before I must talk to the players that aren’t counting. I believe we will have novelties on next week. I have thought about the composition of the team, and practically there are no doubts, but it always it depends on the exits and arrivals.”

“We have the block already, but in football you cannot say that the exits and arrivals are done, because there could be an unexpected exit and then an arrival, but in the beginning the block is practically done. Only having the doubt that someone could come in order to cover the spot of the players that don’t count for us.”

“The club will tell you when the information could be ready. I won’t speculate.”

“I am content with the tram that we have. The important thing is to have a balanced squad, to have a couple of players for each position. Perhaps the issue right now is the left-back position, to know who will be at that position. About the rest, I believe the team is balanced and we have enough guarantees in order to compete.”

“I already decided his future, but will talk until next week as before I want the players to know it. I have a clear picture.”

“The important thing is to have a playing model, another thing is the system. Right now we are working with two systems, but the model is another thing. The model is to know what we want to do when we don’t have the ball, when we have it, when we steel it and when we lose it, in other words the transitions defence-attack. We are working on that, later the draw is the less important thing, the key is to work with it and that the players feel used to it, that’s why we are working with these two systems. Later we will emphasise the system that we want.”

“We have two games in two straight days and will distribute the minutes. We had a period with the players performing for 45 minutes, the other day it was for 70 and now we are close to play 90 minutes. We are entering a third phase in which the players are completing a full game. There’s the case of players like Guilherme that aren’t ready to play for 90 minutes, because he was inactive for a longer time. We also have the problem of the right-back as we only have one, Laure cannot play both games and the boy from the B squad, Blas, got injured yesterday, so we will try to work both systems. We will have to make a variant, which will be good for the season. Andone won’t play in these games, it will be too risky.”



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