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11 Aug 2016
Several questions regarding the status of Lucas Pérez after not been picked for the Teresa Herrera. It’s clear that it’s difficult to see him leaving transferred, but it’s also worrying as there might be a problem with the coach.

On Tuesday’s morning, all the attention was focused on the status of Lucas Pérez after the club released the roster for the Teresa Herrera. The striker’s name wasn’t on the list and suddenly everyone thought that he was going to be transferred.

The journalists quickly asked for his status and the club only responded that he was out for a “tactical” decision. There were rumours about an imminent exit to Leicester City, but the agent of the player, Fernández Lovelle, quickly cleared the ghost saying that he hasn’t talked with Leicester in almost forty days, that the player was only rested and that nothing strange was going on.

Later president Tino Fernández calmed the fans assuring that the deadline to transfer the player is over and that, from now own, the club doesn’t want to sell him unless someone pays the release clause depositing the money at the LFP, "We don't have any offer [for Lucas], and with the passage of the days any operation is more difficult to occur. We don’t want to transfer him and I would say that the only chance is if someone deposits the clause in la liga." He said during the presentation of the Teresa Herrera.

But the explanation that the player was tired and needed rest didn’t convince the fans, after all Lucas had played in past games and didn’t seem tired, and with the Teresa Herrera been the most important game in the pre-season it was simply weird to not seen the best player of Deportivo over the lawn [he was at the stands watching the game alongside Manuel Pablo].

And there could be an explanation. Journalist Francisco Espiñeira from La Voz de Galicia tweeted during the Teresa Herrera that Lucas and Garitano had a discussion for a minor thing and that the fact of leaving him out of the roster was a proof of authority to the player. The same journalist believes it was a minor thing, but any dispute between a player and a coach is always important, especially in a club like Deportivo that lived a nightmare on last season caused by a breakdown inside the changing room.

In conclusion, Lucas seems to be staying for next season as Depor won’t allow his exit unless someone pays the clause, but at the same time there’s tension between him and the new coach, for now the problem seems to be bearable. 




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